New Years And Completing Baby’s Room

new years activities

Howdy, how you all doing? First off, I hope you’ve all had a brilliant start to the new year and I’d love to know in the comments just how you saw the new year in. Did you stay in the comfort of your own home or did you do something a bit more extravagant than that? Me, I spent mine in bed, trying to sleep. I can never sleep once all those fireworks go off though, the dogs seem to deal with them better than I can.

I’ve never been one to enjoy seeing in the new year though to be honest, there’s too much hugging, kissing and crying going on for my liking. I much prefer to be in the comfort of my own bed, sleeping.

Prior to the new year coming in, I’d done nothing asides from clean, blog and that’s it. I keep wondering if my nesting instinct has kicked in yet but I don’t really want to be cleaning, I just know it needs to be done so I guess that’s not the nesting instinct at all. Nesting is supposed to be you wanting to do it, isn’t it?

New years day we went for a walk around Chambers wood farm so that Stewart could finally take his drone out that he’d bought with his Christmas money. He’d waited so patiently to fly it as well, he initially sent it on a flight in the living room, resulting in Nanny, our oldest cat ripping the crap out of my legs and Birdie flying around the living room in a mad panic

After our walk we went to Stewart’s mum’s house to see the family and have a massive feast yet again and it was blooming delightful. Whilst I find family events slightly overwhelming, I absolutely love taking part in them. Seeing people I’ve not seen in a long time and being able to speak to them and have brand new conversations, there’s just something really nice about it.

Stewart also flew his drone in his mums back garden, the wind took it and he ended up having to go retrieve it from a massive muddy mound in the neigbour's garden.

The rest of the week has mainly been getting bits and bobs around the house done. Thursday we completed Minnie’s room and to say we have nothing left to do to it is a huge relief. Her picture’s are up on the wall, her beds have been made and we are completely and utterly ready for her arrival.

The rest of the week was spent chilling, cleaning and doing other last minute bits and bobs around the house and we managed to get our list of jobs to do before Minnie made her grand entrance into the world cut in half, which as you can imagine is a huge relief.

What have you been up to this week? Anything interesting, do you have anything especially exciting planned for the up and coming week? 

Let’s have a chat in the comment’s below.

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