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My Favourite Christmas Memories

No matter who you are, you’re going to have Christmas memories and I wanted to dedicate a post to all those memories that spring back into my mind every year that bring joy to my heart every year. All of my favourite memories are all family based and unfortunately, things that aren’t necessarily done the same anymore.

Christmas Eve’s With My Siblings

Growing up my sister and I always spent Christmas eve together, we almost always shared a room so it was kind of hard not to but all that Christmas excitement used to get me and Lucy so hyped up that when we finally were ”ready” to settle for the night and go to sleep ready for Santa to do his job at delivering his gifts, my sister and I would burst into fits of giddy laughter that could last for a very, very long time and it’s something Lucy and I remember every year.

Boxing Day Tea at Nana Judy’s

I can’t exactly remember when this stopped being a thing but it was always something I LOVED doing every year, we’d sit at nana’s surrounded by dads side of the family usually and we’d eat food mainly and just spend time together, for some reason the day after Christmas always felt that little more festive than Christmas day itself.

The 'Normal' Christmas Day

When I say the normal Christmas day I mean the Christmas day where you didn’t have to turn yourself into a thousand people around Christmas time. Back in the day you’d just go to sleep on Christmas eve, wake up on Christmas day and all your plans would be made for you. Over the past couple of years it’s been quite stressful Christmas because Stewart and I had to do all the travelling and it mean’t I worried about getting home to my animals on time etc. This year is going to be a bit different because we’re travelling up to my family a little later than usual because, i’m pregnant and I get tired much quicker, and obviously next year will be MUCH different because we get to start our own traditions with our little girl, ready to start our new normal Christmas day.

The General 'Kid at Christmas' Excitement

The excitement we all felt as children was so magical and clearly made such an impact on us as I have not met yet, one adult that has forgotten just how exciting Christmas time is for a kid because we all remember it so well. I remember always being so excited that sleep was impossible and I used to convince myself that I could hear Santa’s sleigh bells and would look out of the window in attempt to catch a look at the big man himself and waking up on Christmas morning with the anticipation to see if Santa had visited was enough to knock any sleepiness from any chilld’s eyeballs.

What are your favourite Christmas memories? Do you still do them? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Tea Spangsberg

    This sound like such nice things. Especially the one about fits of laughter with your sister. I remember doing the same as a kid with my sisters. I think my favorite memories is when the christmas tree was revealed. I grew up in a big old house and we had these living rooms with french doors connecting them. And on christmas morning (the 24th in denmark) we would wake up and the doors would be covered and we would go all day waiting for the blanket to be removed so we could see the tree all pretty and filled with lights.

  • Gayle Smith

    My favourite Christmas memories are mainly from the recent past. Christmas 2004 was brilliant when I got Kylie tickets from my flatmate and Christmas and 2001 was lovely as it was the first in the flat I’ve called home ever since. However my favourite Christmas has to be 2008. It was on early Christmas Eve morning that year that I walked in to Glasgow City Chambers to legally change my name to reflect the woman I had always known myself to be.

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas

    Gayle. X

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