My Christmas Movie Watchlist – Blogmas Day 3

My Christmas Movie Watchlist – Blogmas Day 3

DISCLAIMER: My Christmas movie watch list isn’t really that big, or Christmassy for that matter.

I’ve recently just watched The Christmas Chronicles. Which BY THE WAY, is absolutely amazing and I’d already watched it twice before December even hit our worlds. Kurt Russel just takes Father Christmas to another level and is my new favorite Christmas movie asides from The Grinch obviously.

Two of the movies on my list aren’t Christmas related however, they make me feel extremely festive whenever I watch them. Bartok The Magnificent is like a spin-off of the Anastasia movie and I’ve loved them ever since I was a little girl.


My Christmas Movie Watchlist;

  • The Grinch both the old and new
  • Bartok The Magnificent
  • Anistatia
  • The Santa Claus
  • The Princess Switch
  • Scrooged

What movies that aren’t Christmassy, make you feel Christmassy? I’d love to know.

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