My C-section Experience On The NHS

My C-section Experience On The NHS

Deciding on the path I was going to take to bring Minnie into the world was a difficult one to say the least. For reasons I’m not yet ready to delve into on here, Stewart and I chose an elective C-Section after much consideration. 

Throughout the pregnancy, I was very calm and collected when it came to the birth. I didn’t tend to think about it too much at all until the last week of my pregnancy when all of a sudden I was constantly thinking about what might happen on Monday the 13th January. 

I was worried the spinal wouldn’t work, I was worried about the recovery of the section because everyone filled me with horror stories about infections and recovery time period and the last week, I was stressed about what was coming but at the same time, stayed calm to prevent any chance of early labour and not stress out my other half more than he was. (Not that he’d admit that he was stressed but he did ask me multiple times how I was managing to stay so calm!)

The night before the surgery came and I stopped eating after my dinner, took my tablets and took my last drink of water as a none mother at 6am on the Monday morning.

We not long after went to the hospital for 8am where the midwifes prepped us for surgery, giving me my gown and oh so sexy paper hat and Stewart his scrubs and matching sexy paper hat. We sat in the recovery room with two other scheduled sections and out of the 3 of us, we were tended to last.

Due to the theatre being next to the room, we heard the moment the babies of the other two couples were born as their cries were very prominent and then it started to get real. As the First Lady went in my nerves were still quite mellow, but as soon as the second lady went in my heart started to beat that little bit faster and I got that little bit quieter. (I tend to go into myself when I’m anxious or scared about something) my midwife, who I adored then came to tell me that as soon as the surgeons came back from lunch I would be going in to have my baby and it was that moment I thought, Jesus, this is actually really happening. 

Walking through to theatre was a surreal experience and not one I will ever forget for sure. It wasn’t what I was expecting either, not that I’m sure what I was expecting to tell you the truth. As soon as I sat in there, they put my canular in my hand, which was the most painful part of the whole experience. Once that was in I was hooked up to my fluids whilst sat on the edge of the operating bed and the anestetiest then put the spinal in which didn’t hurt at all, but felt odd and then my legs started to tingle and feel warm, it felt like I was getting into a warm bath. They then rapidly laid me down, put my catheter in and before I knew it everyone was at work. There was a lot of sensations of movement, no pain at all, just tugging and pressure on my belly when they were pushing on my stomach to get Minnie out. Before I knew it she was here, in the room with me and Stewart. 

The first thought I had was “Jesus her feet are big!” 

She sat with us then for a chunk of time whilst I was getting sewn up and was taken back off us for a short period of time for the midwife to do her measurement, weight etc and before I knew it I was back in the recovery room, having skin to skin with my baby. The little baby that had been kicking me from inside my belly for all those months.

All in all the experience was amazing. Once the fear of the unknown had subsided and it was all happening and looking back, I couldn’t imagine a more peaceful way to bring a baby into the world not just for me, but for her too and Stewart thought so too. If you’d like to see his video on his take on our C-Section experience I will link his YouTube video below. 

The staff all looked after me so well and I was discharged from the Hospital the next day due to my ability to be able to get up and walk about so well after. 

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