My 6 Favourite Books – Book Lovers Day

Happy book lovers day! I’m not a big reader but I do have a collection of books in my home. In order to celebrate book lover day I am going to share with you 6 of my favourite books!

Nicci and her amazing adventure is a book written by my nan. It’s a gorgeous book, written in rhyme and is such good fun to read and not only that, but it has some great facts inside, so not only do you get to enjoy a story you’re also learning along the way. It’s a children’s book, but I am a child. You can purchase her book on Amazon here

Extraordinary uses for ordinary things is a book I tend to steer towards when I am feeling productive and bored all at the same time. There are some really interesting things in this book if you wanna purchase it you can here.

This is literally my most prized possession at the moment. This book was a gift from Stewart’s mum and honestly, it is full of amazing inspiration and tips for decorating and making your house the most beautiful place it can be. I’ve actually used this book that much that it’s starting to come apart at the spine. You can purchase this book here.

If you think you knew everything, think again. This book is sure to make you think you’re whole life is a lie and if you don’t believe me buy it. Seriously, you’ll not only be much more knowledgeable but you’ll also be able to catch your friends out on some ”easy” but really not easy questions. Buy this book here.

This is just a book I like to browse through every now and then. I’ve always wanted to make one of these myself, you know a more personal journal. This helps guide you in creating your own witchy journal. I bought this from the works but you can buy it online here.

This is the most expensive book I own. When I first purhcased this book upon its release it was £70 but it is totally worth the price. The photographs inside this book are absolutely stunning. Purchase this book here.

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