26th birthday

My 26th Birthday!

As I Write this I am wondering if my writing has improved with being one year older.  26 years old and yet I feel no older than when I was 15, which proves that age really is just a number.  I was adamant this year that I was going to do something a little bit more interesting and planned a day out. Initially, I was going to go to Cumbria and take some photographs however the weather wasn’t looking promising, secondly we considered maybe visiting a seaside like Whitby or Scarborough but again, the weather was against us so we picked a day out where we  could be inside and therefore we chose to venture to The Deep.

It was just Me, Stewart, Mum, Eli, Nan and Grandad on this trip and I like to think we had a nice day. I’m not going to lie it is quite overpriced for the amount of time it takes to look around but considering the price of the upkeep of those tanks and feeding the fish I can kind of understand why it’s so pricey.

We then went to Scunthorpe to try and find a Hamster – A long haired hamster. That was half of my birthday present from my mum, but there were none and if I was going to get a hamster it needed to be long haired. Unfortunately, I went home without a pet but I wasn’t going to purchase a pet just for the sake of it, believe it or not.

I did, however, get a pet the next day, but unless you follow my Instagram account @at_no.20 you won’t know what I got until my next post!

26th birthday

It wasn’t just my birthday either, it was my little boy Noah’s 6th Birthday. We let him do what he enjoys best and that’s snoozing under the quilt all day. He’s so lazy although I say that, The expression you see on his face here is because a dog outside started barking and he was desperate to respond to said bark. Maybe it was his friends wishing him a happy birthday!


The view from lunch


My birthday lunch date.

26th birthday

My birthday lunch. Who doesn’t look a good old homemade tomato and basil soup?


26th Birthday


26th Birthday
If you’d liike to see more pictures like this one from my trip to The Deep then head over to www.theimagerycosmos.com where I will be uploading them all.




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