Monochrome Maxi Skirt – Outft Of The Week

Outfit of the week monochrome maxi

Hello babies! I am back with an outfit of the week post! Finally now I have stopped ‘wallowing in self pity’.

Has anyone else noticed that we are currently in that awkward season stage where it’s too hot for jumpers and jeans but not hot enough for shorts and t-shirts. It’s becoming a problem to get dressed for the day because you don’t wanna sweat and then you don’t want to be too cold either, I’m sure you know the troubles.

This outfit was perfect for one of those days.


I paired a knitted jumper with a maxi skirt. The day I wore this was very dull outside and not cold enough to wear jeans and not melt. This outfit served me well and thee only time I struggled keeping my body temp relatively normal until I walked up the hill I live on and was almost absolutely dead.

The downside to this outfit on the day was the skirt for sure, but that’s only because walking up the hill and up stairs proved to be a much more dangerous task than I first thought. Walking up the stairs at the local park to meet my friend and I stood on my skirt, nearly sending myself flying about a thousand feet and let me tell you now, people would have witnessed it.

I really loved how monochrome this outfit was as well as comfortable. I felt comfortable and glamorous, which is rare cause when I feel comfortable in my clothing it usually means I look a right state and like I was lazy dressing myself in the morning.

Do you like this outfit or is there anything you’d change or pair differently? Let me know in the comments below, I’m always interested to know more.


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