Money Troubles and The Weekly Sights!

Sunday the 3rd December, already? Really? I cannot believe it’s Christmas this month. I’m trying so hard to be excited about it, but anything that involves spending money I and Stewart don’t have is particularly depressing. I would love for Christmas to not be so materialistic, people say that the gifts don’t matter but the moment that you turn up without a gift, wow. You might as well start digging your own grave now.

I mean who can really disagree with me when I say that money is evil? Money is the biggest cause of unhappiness in the world today and maybe if I had money to actually spend on people I would actually be quite excited for the concept of Christmas this year, but believe me when I say, I will be selling a kidney or something in order to get money from somewhere.

I’ve been very reluctant to speak about money problems over the internet, but feel that it is ultimately crucial because money is the root of my problems and probably many other peoples and honestly, I am confused as to why we sit here and are ashamed to speak out about being ‘skint’. I sit there and try and get to the bottom of why I am so damn miserable and its because money doesn’t grow on tree’s and there are far too many birthdays and holidays created to bleed money from you.

I see this post turning rather negative so I’m going to try and attempt to turn it around because ultimately what I am trying to say is why can’t Christmas, birthdays, valentines day or whatever be solely about coming together as a family, coming together as friends and drinking your body weight in mulled wine and eating a TON of food. 

I’ve had a lot of people question me when I say I would be completely happy to get 0 gifts what so ever and truth is, that hand on my heart I would be completely happy with receiving absolutely nothing, honestly, I would because most of my happiness is collected from spending time with my nearest and dearest, I mean I was more excited for Halloween this year and that’s because there are no expectations of gifts.

I guess you could say it’s a little bit selfish that I don’t want to spend money in order to salvage my own sanity and happiness, but honestly this month it’s really going to be a case of buy Christmas presents or live like the celebrities in the jungle at the moment and live off water, rice, and beans.


Becoming a Jahovas Witness right now is so appealing to me.

Much more positively, I woke up this morning feeling much happier despite the troubles I have mentioned above. I actually wanted to get out of bed and do something and that I will do. If you follow my blog you’ll have seen I’ve been throwing everything I have into painting at the moment and today I plan to work on something new that I’ve just not had the energy for before.

Okay, Shannon. Lets cut to the chase, you’re all here really to see the pictures I’ve snapped from this week aren’t you?

Stay happy, stay true to yourself and remember, the less you give a damn the happier you will be.










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