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Macro Photography Wars – Canon 6d vs. iPhone 7 plus

I have always been a fan of Macro photography. Since the age of 15, I’ve been exploring the many possibilities within the genre. I am much more a contributor of the fine art aspect now and what I mean by that is I much prefer to create something that looks out of the ordinary, almost alien-like when photographed close up.

In this post, I photographed the same thing with both my Canon 6D and iPhone 7 with macro lenses. This allowed me to be able to fairly compare both standards of the images against one another and make a justified judgment on which I think performed better. Converting the images to black and white also helped with making the decision more accurate as it meant that the tone and saturation of the colors wouldn’t sway me to maybe one camera when the macro quality is better on the other.


Macro photography is a popular genre of photography amongst all abilities. Beginners tend to gravitate towards it due to it being easily accessible and flexible enough to do wherever the location.

On the left-hand side, you will see the Canon 6D macro photography and on the right-hand side are the iPhone 7 ones. It would be really interesting to know which ones you think look better in regards to detail of the image.  I  tend to gravitate a lot more towards the iPhone when I am wanting to create my fine art macro photography as I am able to get in much closer to the subject than what I am with the canon, meaning it requires a lot less time in post-processing because I don’t have to worry about cropping the image.


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