Last Week Of Not Being A Mum

As you’re reading this I’m probably off having my bloods taken, grabbing last minute bits and bobs and planning my last meal before my god knows how long fast to prep me for my tummy being cut open tomorrow for Minnie to FINALLY be here. This week has been one of the longest i’ve experienced in a long time. The build up to Christmas and New Year went by so fast I don’t even know how this last week has gone so bloomin slow.

I spent Monday and Tuesday at my mums, keeping my mind active as I’d had a bit of a wobble prior and took everyones negative comments of being tired and not having time to myself to heart and I started to get into those deep dark depths of  ”Have I done something stupid?” which is a very dangerous territory. Anyone who knows me will know just how much I love my bubble baths and doing my hair and make up so to have people tell me i’ll have no time for that was really, really harming to my mind. – I’m pretty sure Stewart will love having daddy – daughter time on an evening whilst I have a bubble bath anyway.

You can read my post on why i’m not scared about becoming a new mum here.

Mum kindly gave my hair a trim and a fresh bit of colour on Tuesday to help me prepare for my hospital photographs. I’m a photographer so of course, I think about every little aspect of a photo even when it involves me being in it. I gotta look my best because of how self-critical I am. I seriously admire those who don’t give a shit, I really do.

Wednesday I chose to stay at home. There’s so much around the house that needed doing that wasn’t getting done that I decided to, even though I really didn’t want to, crack on with the jobs. Shampooing sofa’s, carpets and rugs, as well as cleaning windows that were just filthy from the dogs putting their noses on them and just prepping for Minnie to come home, hopefully Wednesday eve at the latest. The least mum had to do at mine prior to us coming home, the better.

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  1. D65

    Good luck!! Ahh! I can’t wait to read future posts when your bub is here. All the best for your journey, you will do absolutely amazing. 🙂

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