Is My Cat Disabled?

Is My Cat Disabled?

It’s winter, so of course all the cats are inside sleeping wherever they can get a warm spot in the house whether that be under a radiator, next to a radiator, on a sun filled windowsill or in this case, a fish tank.

Is my cat disabled? If he wasn’t, to begin with, I’m pretty sure he is now after his recent shenanigans.

is my cat disabled
Caspar in his special spot

Caspar, our half siamese white cat has taken to sleeping on top of our smaller fish tank in the lounge, it’s a tropical fish tank so it has the heater and a light that kicks off heat. Caspar has clearly worked this out and has certainly bagged this as HIS spot.

The problem is he just cannot stay on top of it. He’s the largest cat we have in terms of length. He’s literally like the cat version of slender-man. He gets so into his sleep that he forgets where he is, you’ll see him stretch out as far as he can, enters ultimate bliss mode and falls straight off the top of it down a pretty narrow gap as well, you’d think that would deter him from returning to his special little space but nope.

In fact, he tends to walk around a little bit, almost like he is trying to shrug off the embarrassment of falling over and then returns to his perch on top of the fish tank. – Not to mention he bloody loves it when the time comes for feeding the fish. He absolutely loves fish flakes.

So, is my cat disabled? Nah, he’s just bloody stupid and it really is comfortable on top of that fish tank.

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