This week has been yet another slow one but with quite a few perks hidden inside. Birthday celebrations and a Flemmish Giant!

Monday was a slow one on it’s own, I mean thinking back it must have been pretty boring as I have no recollection at all about what I did and no photos on my phone to even help trigger any kind of memory. Oh, wait- my sister had been staying for a few days. I remember now. We did a few shoots over the weekend but still, Monday we did nothing.

Tuesday my mum, nan and 2 of my brothers came to Lincoln. We went for the obligatory coffee at Costa and a mooch round some shops before they descended on their journey home and I got this creepy picture of my brother in the lift in JTF…

flemish giant

Wednesday was again, very boring. I think I spent the most of the day in bed, hopping in and out every now and then to get a bit of cleaning done, I did eventually get up and out of bed though and that’s when I got this adorable picture of me and Nanny our oldest feline.

flemmish giant

Thursday came around. Nothing happened asides from a sunset that would indicate the end of the world to anyone..

flemmish giant

Friday. Friday was a great day. It was my dads birthday and me, Luce and Andy decided we’d turn up and surprise him with gifts and cake. After a fair few hours at dads, Stewart and I had to go to grab some pet essentials as we had to clean out the Rabbits, Guineas and Hamsters. All in all Friday was a happy, successful and productive day.

On Saturday my mum picked me up and I spent the day in Gainsborough with her, Lucy and Ryan. We ventured off to Scunthorpe to have a look around the range and the most amazing pet shop. Some people would say going to the pet shop would be a mistake, however I would strongly disagree. Fate is the only word to describe what I did next. The night before I was looking at Flemmish giants on Pinterest, shrieking at how amazing and cute they were – when mum picked me up I was telling her how bad I wanted one and how rare it was to find one and then fate happened. There they were, Flemish giants for sale in the best pet shop ever. You just know what happened next.

flemmish giant

flemmish giant

Odis was in a bad way when we got him, when we got him back to mums house we had to shave his back end because it was so matted.

My life is complete.

Today we have spent the day bonding with Odis. I’ve been painting rocks and making element jars and Stewart has been working on his new business venture.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful week!

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