How To Support Others When You Feel Low Too

How To Support Others When You Feel Low Too

It doesn’t take a genius to know you’re not the only one in the world with problems, correct? It also doesn’t take a genius to understand that it can be extremely difficult to listen to other people’s problems and woes when you’re potentially feeling equally as bad right? But the thing is, the moment someone doesn’t want to listen to your problems, well you know how it feels. So how do we make sure nobody has that feeling? How can we support someone as best we can when we’re feeling low and they are too?

Sometimes speaking to someone who is also going through a troubled time and sharing your experiences and feelings with them can act as a healing process not just for them but for the both of you. Just knowing you’re not alone can be a help.

We, as mental health sufferers know how important it is to have someone just listen, if you’re really not one for chatting in general, lending an ear to someone can really make all the difference.  How you support a person also depends on your relationship with that person. Are you friends? Family? Maybe you don’t know this person from adam. It doesn’t matter because there’s always ways to support people, no matter the relationship.

For me I love speaking to people and helping them through their issues. Someone on my Twitter said that their personal feelings get pushed to the back of their mind and the person they’re talking to’s problems come to the forefront instead and I’ve never related to something more. When you’re dealing with someone else’s problems it enables you to not only help others but also help you because in turn you’ll probably see that you’re offered words and advice that can help you too.

Ultimately, humans do not communicate with each other enough, if you’re struggling speak to someone. Anyone. My inboxes across all social media’s are always open to anyone who may need it.

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