My Photography Course Killed My Creativity.

My Photography Course Killed My Creativity.

I am grateful every day for the fact that Lincoln College gave me a degree in Photography, I want to be honest when I say that whilst I was taught a bucket load of skills that I can treasure for the rest of my life, following photographic briefs for 5 years really affected my ability to think creatively without being told what to do. So this post is going to be me talking about how my photography course killed my creativity.

When you’re given a photographic brief, you have an outline of what it is you have to strive towards, before college I was completely solo in my idea’s and nothing, absolutely nothing stopped me from shooting, no matter where I went I found subjects to photograph and I miss it. I got myself into a mindset at college that nothing was worth shooting if it didn’t fit a brief that I had set for me.

I’ve been out of college for just over a year now and I’ve still not got back that creativity back that I once had, I’m still here waiting for the briefs to fall in my lap and tell me what to shoot. I am also still struggling to find the inspiration to shoot randomly as I did before. Some of my best photographs were taken out of sheer spontaneity.

I’m getting there slowly, I’ve found that I am extremely drawn to street and documentary photography and infrared is my favourite genre of all, but still the prospect of coming up with something to shoot is extremely difficult and all those photographers that can do what I was once able to do, I am extremely envious of.

So how am I overcoming this?

I’ve got myself a little a5 book where I’ve started brainstorming ideas, even though there’s not many they all go in there and I almost set myself mini briefs to help me, sometimes I force myself to go out shooting and I feel great afterwards, it’s really hard giving myself that push into creativity without any guidelines though.

My trip around the Bailgate with my infrared camera was one of these shoots

If you’re going into education as a photography student, I want to give you a staple bit of advice and that would be ALWAYS shooting outside of your photography assignments to ensure that you don’t lose that unique creative spark that drove you to enrol in your course in the first place.

Have you experienced anything like this before? I can’t be the only one in the world to have lost my creative flare, Maybe you managed to keep yours, how? Tell me in the comments below.


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  • I’m so glad it’s not just me that’s had this feeling, I’m struggling to get that passion back of shooting for fun and shooting for me and not for a brief I’ve been given xx

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