How I’m Beating My Mental Health

How I’m Beating My Mental Health

It’s no secret that I suffer with anxiety and depression and have medication for them both but medication alone is not going to fully help you feel better. I can tell you that from personal experience. You can have medication and still get days where it’s almost impossible to get out of bed in the morning, that’s ok I get like that too, but the sooner you can help yourself out of that god awful slump the better so here are a few things that I do that might help you too! 

Clean Your Space

Whether you live with your parents or alone in your own house you’ll have your own space, whether that be your room or the whole house. For me I have a house, more luckily a bungalow so no stairs to trek up and down when I go on my mad cleaning spree. Cleaning your space is a massively therapeutic activity. I find that by cleaning my mind becomes that little bit clearer and my frustrations get taken out on vigorously scrubbing the cooker. It also prep’s us for the next step; 

Mind Dump!!

Grab your favourite pen and a piece of paper or a trusty note book and get ready to dump all those negative feelings and thoughts deep into the fibre’s of the paper and leave it there for the paper to deal with, not you. I’ve got a book specifically for dumping my inner thoughts and strongly worded rants at people who have upset me or made me feel a certain way. It’s a great way to deal with negative emotions and you’re still able to get them out and feel as though a weight has been lifted.

Bubble Bath

So you’ve just dumped all those negative thoughts out and you’re probably feeling pretty gross from your massive cleaning sesh, well now is the time you get in the bath or shower, depending on what you prefer and treat yourself to a luxurious wash and just relax. Think about all the things that make you happy, put on some music or your favourite thing to watch and just chill. Even though you’ve not done much, you’ve actually done a lot because you’ve just shifted all those heavy, negative things out of your brain and that’s a work out in itself.

Get Fresh Air

Go for a walk, sit in your back garden, or even stick your head out the window. Fresh air is so good for you and everyone needs to get more of it when cooped up indoors almost everyday. Personally I love walking in nature, like woods, beaches and lakes as apposed to built up city area’s. Walking and listening to natures sounds away from the busy city life is just heaven on earth.


De-clutter your phone.

This is my favourite part of all of the above options. Spending an entire evening to clean out my phone of photographs, usually backing them up to google photos. Cleaning out my apps, deleting the ones that I don’t use or don’t bring me joy. I remove people from my social media’s who maybe i’ve followed but aren’t projecting vibes that connect me to their feed, and keeping the ones that do, and following more people like them. My social media’s are always changing in terms of people I follow and don’t follow because honestly, if I don’t connect with you, then there’s nothing I can do about that. 

I follow very little celebrities on my socials because they depict a life that for the majority of us is unrealistic and with their amazing bodies, homes and cars it just makes me feel absolutely crap about my life, so following people in the same position and ”class” if you like as me is much more inspiring and motivating than following any airbrushed celebrity.


Ultimately, for the first time in way over a year I finally feel like I am back in control with my mental state and that is a really good feeling and no matter what happens next in my life I can hold on to the fact that I not only beat it once, I beat it twice, thrice, this being the fourth meaning  I can beat it again! 

So from me to you – you’re so much stronger than you think and just by following these simple steps you’ll too feel much happier.

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