How Do You Know When You’re Ready For Kids?

ready for kids

Growing up it was easy to say that you’re going to have kids, everyone wants to play mummies and daddies with their baby dolls. I always promised my family when I was a little one that I wouldn’t have kids until I was 25. I’ve seen and said goodbye to 25 and yet I still have no babies but how do you really know when you’re ready for kids?

As you get older, the concept of having kids becomes a lot more real and you understand the implications and responsibilities that come with it, it’s not as easy as just playing mummies and daddies in the back garden with your family or friends. You’re babies don’t come prepared and packaged like they do when you order them from Argos or open them on Christmas morning.

The reality of having kids is huge and so scary for anyone, it’s a massive life-changing thing.

For me, I could never imagine myself with ”real kids”. I don’t know if anyone else feels or felt the same, but the whole concept of having little me’s and my partners running around was almost alien like to me and it’s hard to pin my finger on why but I’d assume it was because ”only adults had babies” in my head. I certainly do not feel like an adult and it’s hard to imagine people are married with children when they see in the age I currently am, 26.

Late last year, around September time I started getting feeling’s I’d never had before. I suddenly felt a desire to have children. I woke up and just felt like that was the right time. It shocked me because usually, when thinking about kids I’d feel nothing but all of a sudden I felt excited at the prospect of having a mini-me running around, driving me wild. I’m not going to lie, I thought it was going to be a short-lived phase.

It wasn’t a phase. I legitimately woke up one day open to the prospect of having children. Almost like mother nature was telling me OK, you’re ready now.  Who knows what the future holds for babies and whatever else but life is a rollercoaster in itself. Get on the ride and enjoy it.

How Do You Know When Your Ready For kids?

I asked a couple of strangers how or when they knew; 

” We just decided we wanted a baby. We didn’t think into it too much, We’d already talked a lot about kids.”

” I always wanted them. I waited until my husband and I were in a good place in our relationship, we owned a home and had steady jobs. That being said you’re never ”ready”. I’m on surprise baby number three and I’m not ready. LOL’

‘ We both just knew we were ready. I’m only 20 but I’ve always been mature for my age.”

” I was ready years before my husband was so by the time we started trying, I was more than ready.”


How did you know you were ready to have kids?? Tell me in the comments.


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