Home Improvements and The Funniest Cockatoo!

I can’t get enough of home improvements and I’ll get into what I’ve been doing this week but first I feel its important to all you gorgeous readers to explain why I’ve been a bit quiet this week.

It’s been a whole two weeks since I posted the last Sunday Sum up. There are multiple reasons for this; 1, I did nothing but lay on my bed not moving due to the immobilising heat that the UK has been experiencing and 2, I’ve had a bit of a slump period with my mood but after a week or so, I’m finally coming out the end of it.

Sunday of the 29th July, Stewart and I did some work on our kitchen. We had a few rustic old wooden bits in the garage that I thought would be a great idea to bring into the house and put in the kitchen to give it a bit more of a ”farm house” or ”cottagey” feel to it. It is still needing a sand down and varnish but all in all, I think it looks pretty blooming cool if I do say so myself.

We also got some bamboo like stuff, I have absolutely no idea what the actual name is for it but we put it up in our conservatory just for a little bit of added privacy really. I also took out the windows between the kitchen and conservatory. I never liked them anyway, but removing them just made the environment much more sociable and lets me listen to the rain pattering on the roof in the conservatory whilst in the kitchen.

I’ve been completely obsessed with the walking dead; our world game. Much like Pokemon go you can travel around places killing zombies and collecting survivors. It’s actually great fun I’m not gonna lie.

This week we also went to Cleethorpes for a day out. It was nice to be able to actually walk around outside and not sweat buckets. Usually, when we venture off to Cleethorpes we go to the arcades and what not but this trip we decided to shake things up a little bit.

We went to The Jungle Zoo. A tropical house with loads of funky animals inside. Turtles, tortoises, pretty much every breed of bird imaginable as well as turtles, sugar gliders, monkeys, meerkats; the list goes on. – I will put a more detailed post on the blog with pictures that I took on my big boy cam!

The highlight was undoubtedly communicating with one of the cockatoos there, we could have spent hours just sat there speaking to him because he was quite the character. Repeating almost everything we said back to us and even laughed along with us laughing at him.

After that we decided it was finally time to eat lunch and start pulling our trip to an end, the boys went to the arcades for a bit and the girls went shopping! £6 worth of sweeties came home with me!


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