Highlights Of April 2020

Highlights Of April 2020

Hello! That’s how you communicate with people right? By saying hello? Honestly, it’s been a weird month having stayed in my home for the entirety of it, I can’t remember what it feels like to go shopping or just for a random mooch around Tesco. I’m desperate for a journey in the car with the music playing. Something to just simply get me out of the house to change my surroundings and get me out of the ”inside the house” mindset. Whilst I’ve been at home every day there have certainly been some noticeable highlights of April 2020

It’s amazing what you appreciate when you’re stuck in the house unable to go out in the real world, the list of things I’ve classed as a highlight this month is not really something I’d consider to be a highlight any other time because it’s such a ‘mediocre’ thing.

Highlights Of April 2020

  • Seeing not one but TWO shooting stars. Lyrids were near their peak date at the point where I was outside looking for those STARLINK satellites that I mention in the next couple of points, I saw two very obvious shooting stars. I’ve only ever seen 1 up until these 2 in my whole life. There’s just something so magical and fascinating about little meteors up there flying off, of comets.


  • Seeing an urban fox in the street. Whilst I was out looking for the satellites and accidentally spotting meteors, I also saw an urban fox run up one of the driveways on my street. I knew urban foxes lurked around this area but to see one is quite rare so, I was a bit spooked at first.


  • Observing the night sky to see Elon Musk’s STARLINK satellites. It took me a while to spot these actually, how they’re projected to look on the internet is not actually how they look in the sky. They were a lot more spaced apart than I thought they would be but once spotted (thanks to an app I downloaded) It was quite cool to follow and track them.
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  • Enjoying the sunshine in the garden. Never felt so lucky to have a garden during this lockdown I’m sure you’ve heard me harp on about how great it’s been to have a garden during isolation but honestly, it’s been bloody wonderful and I have a great tan for it, which will probably fade now the sun seems to have gone back into hiding again.

highlights of april 2020

  • Gardening. Our garden has been an absolute jungle for years and years so to be finally able to get out there in a chunk load of days was so good and we’ve managed to get so much done that it actually makes me feel proud to look out the window now when I can that is, the condensation on the window is so bad between the glass sometimes that it’s impossible to see out of it.


  • Setting up my online store. I’ve not really posted much about this, and it’s really the first time I’m mentioning it but I now have a store that you can go and have a nosey at if you wish. It may or may not be up your street, but it might be up someone’s street in your life.
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How was your April? Did you get much done?


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