Hartsholme Park March 2020

March has been one of the most scariest months of the year so far with the Coronavirus taking the world by storm and whilst anxieties are high, it’s important to not let that anxiety consume you’re life. As of the time I’m crafting this post, I’m expected by the government to self isolate for 12 weeks due to me having asthma and an under developed lung. (kind of pointless even if I did because my partner is in and out the house everyday and often brings back colds from working with the general public!) 

Before this guideline was put in place though, Stewart and I decided to go to take some photographs around a local country park with Minnie to help take the pressure of the Coronavirus off our minds. 

Hartsholme Park March 2020

It’d been raining all morning, Stewart was off work because he’d the night before impaled his left arse cheek with a couple of shards of glass by sitting on a photo frame in the loft so we decided to kill some time and get out and take a walk around Hartsholme park and Swanholme lakes to take some photographs. Considering I wasn’t feeling super inspired or creative the photographs weren’t too bad.


I hope you enjoyed looking through this photo album and if you made it this far, thank you and I hope you have a lovely day, stay positive and stay safe.

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