Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!

Wow, what a week. As I write up Monday’s snippet of this post to say in a little bit of shock would be putting it lightly. This week has been emotional in soo many different ways, it’s nice to know that all my emotions work accordingly and maybe a little too well. I’ve been worried, angry, excited, happy, sad, shocked and god knows what else all in one week. It’s been an absolute rollercoaster but also one of the BEST weeks I’ve had in a long long time. 

Monday 25th March, 2019

mothers day 2019

A call I wasn’t expecting for another month came today. Stewart’s sister had her baby. HOLY CRAP – I’m an aunty. I can’t quite believe it and no matter how much I say it, it doesn’t make it feel any more real..

‘m and aunty, I’m an aunty, I’m an aunty. NOPE. Still don’t believe it. I get extremely gushy when things like this happen and I don’t want too embarrass her by spilling my heart all over my blog but what I will say is that I bloody love her a lot. 

Preston isn’t too bad either, I guess. 

Monday didn’t offer much else asides from the fact I worked my little backside off in the morning, I wrote about 4 posts up to go live in the next few weeks!

Tuesday 26th March, 2019

Tuesday was spent mostly at the hospital spending time with Becky, being naughty and making her laugh more than I should have been. 

That’s not all I was doing though, I’ve been working really hard on creating content for you lot to read and I have about 10 posts currently in the making, literally just requiring photographs.

Wednesday 27th March, 2019

Wednesday was chilled.  Actually really nicely chilled. I spent the day cleaning and moving around my living room which Stewart think’s is my favourite hobby and honestly, I think he might be right. I had Netflix on in the background whilst I cleaned.

I then sat and wrote and planned some more blog posts… Some post’s might not ever make it on the blog, I have a drafts bin haul today and honestly, had to  bin some serious gems because they just weren’t relevant anymore and would make absolutely no sense on here.

Tod had been ‘not himself’ all day and Stewart got home from work, worried he rushed him to the vets. The vets told us not to worry and gave him a shot of antibiotic and then he returned home.

Thursday 28th March, 2019

Tod had another appointment at the vets booked for 4pm but due to him showing no signs at all of improvement we decided to take him back earlier and he was given another shot of antibiotic and something to bring his temperature down as it had rocketed to 41 degree’s. 

Once we got Tod home again we decided to let him rest and go grab an ice cream and take a walk on the Bailgate. The sun was beaming and it was so nice to get some vit D on my skin. (my ice-cream was Nutella and Rum n Raisin flavour if anyone cares.)

Friday 29th March, 2019

Tod returned to the vets for another injection however this time, due to the lack of improvement, high temperature and the fact he hadn’t eaten for 3 days the vet’s hospitalised him. He wasn’t breathing great and honestly, we were all expeting the worst.  Friday night was touch and go and damn right impossible to know whether or not he was going to pull through.

Saturday 30th March, 2019

Our Saturday started with a phone call from the vet telling us that Tod could come home! This was like music to our ears and set our moods up for the day. We had a lot of time to kill though so we decided to go see Stewart’s mum.

We had lunch with Alison and designed and planned out her kitchen which got me extremely giddy and all my creative juices were loving it. One of my favourite things is interior design, honestly if i had a good amount of money my home would look bloody stunning. 

Toddy came home, I had a few more baby cuddles and sniffs and that was Saturday! 

Sunday 31st March, 2019

Happy Mothers Day! Today I hosted afternoon tea at my home to celebrate mothers day. Unfortunately not all members who were invited could make it but the ones that could made it all the more special. 

Luckily I was able to host this for less than £30 and if you’re interested on how I did that then let me know and I will gladly upload a post on how to host afternoon tea for under £30!

All in all it was a lovely, chilled afternoon and once everyone had gone we decided to take the doggies for a walk around the block. It’s been glorious weather this week and I don’t feel like the most of it was made as well as it could have been but  there’s been some amazing things come out of this week.

The Week In Pictures

mothers day 2019
mothers day 2019

If you got this far then thank you so much for reading. I hope you’ve had a lovely week and  let me know what it is you’ve got planned this week. I’ve got a very exciting Sunday next week so you might not get the next weekly update until Monday! 

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