Goals For December – Blogmas Day 1

Goals For December – Blogmas Day 1

How? How the hell is it December. It seems literal like only yesterday when I was writing my New Years resolutions for this year, which by the way I stuck to none of.

I have quite a few goals for December actually, undeniably it is one of the most busiest time of years for all of us. We all have a list of stuff we want to do and get done for Christmas and before the new year comes around.

Goals are great to set, not just because it keeps you grounded and organized but also because it allows you to feel a little hint of achievement when you actually complete one of your goals, you’re always one step closer to where you want to be or you have another memory for you to cherish forever. Here are my December Goals;

– Finish Christmas shopping.

simply because nobody want’s to be doing their Christmas shopping last minute. This year Stewart and I started a lot earlier than we would have done originally and it has taken a massive weight off of our shoulders and meant that we can enjoy that Christmas period that little bit more than we would usually.

– Relax.

This should be a lot easier now as I’ve just recently been put on some more tablets for my anxiety. Before I was on Sertraline only but now I have got Propranolol as well to help with the extremely anxious spells that I get. So, come on Christmas, bring it on!!

– Complete Blogmas.

The fact that I’ve already started late is not a great start but instead of sacking it off completely I’ve decided that I’m only 2 days behind therefore, it’s alright and It’s better late than never.

– Decide on New Year’s resolutions.

As it stands I only have a couple of new years resolutions and goals. I’m wanting to set myself some more, challenging ones this year.

– Enjoy Christmas.

Very, very important and self-explanatory.

-Take part in The Big Fat Quiz of The Year.

Every year I like to sit and do the Big Fat Quiz of The Year eating my Christmas choccy. I always get the most terrible score but never the less, I have a much fun doing it.

-Pre-new year clean up

OOOOO yeaaaa. Gotta go into that new year Christmas Decoration free and just a wonderfully clean house haven’t you??


What are your goals for December?

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