Goals And Positivities for August 2019

Goals And Positivities for August 2019

It’s been a while since I shared some goals and positivities with you over the internet but don’t you worry I am back! I’ve actually really missed doing these posts, even though I’ve only missed 1 or 2 it’s made quite the difference to not have that self reflection time where i’d focus on the things that I want to take with me into the next coming month.

I’ve learn’t a lot over the last couple of months about people in my immediate circle. Not neccersarily good things either. One of the hardest things I’ve had to do last month was to keep my mouth closed when my heart was breaking to avoid conflict. without going too much into details there’s someone that there’s no avoiding in my life that clearly doesn’t like me despite the fact we’d supposed to have put our differences aside and it’s just super clear that they did not and are purposely avoiding me. It hurts but it by no means, means they’ve won the battle and this brings me to my positives for this month…

Goals and Positivities August 2019

Goals For August

Find out the sex of our baby.

This coming month I booked a private scan so that we, well more like I can know early just what it is that we have been blessed with. Stewart was unsure as to whether or not he wanted to know but we bumped into one of his old friends in the Hospital and they were excited about the fact they were having a boy and the consultant got him all excited about having a baby to play with and it’s kind of made him a little bit more curious now as to what it is he is having.

Stay positive.

An important one for me right now, one that shouldn’t really be that hard now that all the hard appointments are out the way in regards to talking to midwives and consultants. It should now be a lot easier to actually enjoy pregnancy now and stay out of that dark bubble i’d gotten myself into.

Get stuff done.

Quite a vague point but Stewart’s got a week booked off in August and we were going to use it to go away to Cumbria and get wedding photographs but we’ve decided against that now and are actually when we’ve finished having our children do it properly and get married, the whole – hog. 

but ultimately, we  have DIY jobs around the house that need doing and well it’s just time to get the house sorted properly without dragging of feet. 

Stay active on my blog.

This one is one I am SO passionate about because I let my pregnancy symptoms get the best of me in the first trimester and I found myself literally being lazy with all my blog content due to not having much energy and my blog really suffered with it. It’s my online baby and so I want to give it all the love and attention it deserves.

Thanks for reading. What are your goals and positivities for August? Do you have anything specific you’re working towards or are you just gonna wing it? 

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