First Birthday As A Mum

First Birthday As A Mum

Hi & welcome back. How are you all? In case you were wondering, after the past couple of week’s I’ve had, i’m alright, plodding along as best I can considering the circumstances. 

(Incase you didn’t know two weeks ago today Birdie flew away from home and has not been seen or heard from since and the heart ache is still unbearable but I’ve learnt to cope with it.)

In relation to the bracketed statement, we got a new bird, not as a replacement for Birdie but because it was too hard to see Birdie’s cage sat there empty, and we got Bundy in hope she’d potentially call Birdie back but it didn’t. It took me a while to bond with Bundy but she’s settling in well, has her own unique character that makes everyday that goes by that little bit easier. (I’m gonna stop writing about this now as it’s making me tear up.)

Earlier this week, we ventured off to the Peak District to try and grab some photographs, it was stupidly cold and windy and I absolutely hated it. I loved the idea of going to get some photographs but I just found it too hard to function properly and my scar is still tender and feeling super bruised so it was quite uncomfortable to shiver. I still managed to get some photographs though, but ideally, I’d like to go back when the skies are bluer and the weather is warmer.

It was my birthday this week. I turned 27 and whilst it was nothing to shout about and it felt just like every other day of the week, I had my little poppet, Minnie with me all day so it wasn’t so draggy. I wanted to go out and get dressed up a little for my birthday, I’ve not been able to dress up and have a drink for so long that, that would have been my 27th birthday dream, but not to worry.

Saturday, the day after my birthday we went out for a meal with my dad, step – mum. It was nice, Minnie was as good as gold and stayed asleep the whole time, after our meal we went back to dads so Minnie could be fed and baby cuddles could be distributed and then went home to chill out for the rest of the evening. 

Sunday (Today if you’re reading this on the 9/02/2020)  we went to my mums to spend the afternoon with her for my birthday, as on my actual birthday, mum was just coming home from hospital. She’d had a hip replacement operation on the Wednesday and we let her come home to peace and quiet. 

We had cheesecake for my birthday cake as I don’t like actual cake and just spent some time with mum at home. 

What have you been up to this week? Tell me in the comments.

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