A Festive Three Days!

A Festive Three Days!

feel like I’ve blinked and missed Christmas, however, my body is telling me otherwise. 3 days of none stop excitement has absolutely taken it out of me. I managed to get myself up just enough energy to take down my Christmas decorations and do my favourite clean of the year (decluttering ready for the new year!) and then I peaked and spent an hour laying in bed half asleep. 

I’ve had my second coffee of the day now and have managed to gather just enough energy to run myself a candle lit bubble bath and type up this blog post on my phone, but enough about that, you’re really here to read about how I’ve spent my Christmas aren’t you? 

Christmas Eve. 

Christmas Eve’s tradition is kind of new. Every year on Christmas Eve, me, Alison and Becky go to see to see the baby seals at Donna Nook and then afterwards we venture to Skegness to play on the ticket machines in Skegness. Me and Bec always use our tickets to get Alison an extra gift at the ticket gift counter thingymabob and we go home to eat our body weights in BLOODY GOOD FOOD!  

I must admit, the excitement got a bit too much and I became a bit cheeky, heckling Becky at every chance I got and getting angry and bolshy with her because she was better at games than I was, next Christmas she’s going down!!!  I was well and truly being a sore loser. 


^Our annual car selfie before we freeze our titties off. 

^ A baby seal, sound asleep on Christmas Eve!

^ Alison won the jackpot and got over 900 tickets! – I won the jackpot 3 times on a different machine but didn’t manage to get as many tickets as that!

^ Cheese and meat, what more could you possibly want?

^ A beautiful selfie of myself with my spiced cider.

Christmas Day

The big day arrived. Christmas Day always feels like a disappointment (There’s no excitement of Santa anymore, even at 24 I’m still sulking about it!), I mean, you have such a massive build-up for what can only be described as another day… as a child it definitely didn’t feel like this but as you get older you realise that really for the adults Christmas Day is just like every other day because the magic of Santa Clause is no longer there. Never the less, I’m never disappointed with the company over Christmas, that’s my fave part. Being able to spend the day eating food and playing games with the family. What more could you honestly want? (And obviously, it’s not Christmas Day unless someone or two get told off at some point! This definitely happened!)


^ A sleepy Eli opening his first present, a selection of choccy!

^ We could hardly move, how many people can you fit in one room?

^ The good old Crimbo dinner shot! 

^ Eli very excited about the concept of pulling a cracker!

Boxing Day

An old family tradition of ours was going to my Nana Judy’s for “Christmas tea”. I can’t put it into words how much me and my brothers and sisters used to love doing this and this year we all got together and did it again with all the delicious food.  I felt bad for my Nanna this year, she spent so much time pottering about being the perfect host making sure we all had drinks, I just wanted her to sit down and relax. If dad and Amanda don’t want to host next years Boxing Day antics, I might put in an offer to do so…

^ Daddio

 ^ Amber playing the game that hogged everyone’s attention all night!

^ Nan kept filling up mine and Lucy’s glasses with Baileys!

So here we are at the end of Christmas and before we know it, it will be 2018! I’ve already got a list of New Years resolutions ready to go, keep an eye out for that post! 
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and please feel free to share with me what you did this Christmas. I love hearing the stories. 
Till next time, 


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