Festive Bucket List – Blogmas Day 4

Festive Bucket List – Blogmas Day 4

Happy Blogmas Day 4! The fourth day into the challenge of uploading a blog post every day for 24 days and I’m so proud of myself that I’ve even made day 4 even though I was technically late to the party… Never mind that though, let’s get to the good stuff.

Visit Lincoln Christmas Market

Last year I never attended the Lincoln Christmas Market and I’m not going to lie it made me a little sad because it took away something to look forward to. As much as it is busy, It is still a brilliant way to get into a festive spirit. Enjoy the smells of mulled wine filling the air and those wonderful German frankfurters being cooked on the grill. Holy cow…

Enjoy An Eggnog Latte From Starbucks

Already ticked off my list, I enjoyed one of these bad boys last week but trust me, it won’t be my last.

Visit A Shopping Centre 

No festive bucket list is complete without a trip to a super Christmassy shopping center. Whilst my Christmas shopping is pretty much complete, A trip to a shopping center is just essential for this time of year, wouldn’t you agree?

Christmas Eve Seaside Adventure

Every year it’s become a tradition to go see the baby seals that remain at Donner Nook nature reserve and then go to Skegness to gamble with a bunch of 2ps with Stewart’s mum and sister. It’s something I’ve become extremely fond of and it helps make that Christmas period that little bit more special and a lot less materialistic.


Bake A Christmas Cake 

I’m heading towards a Nutella and Cinnamon cake.

Enjoy Christmas Day at Mums

Opening presents, eating Christmas dinner and playing board games with the family. A-MA-ZING

Boxing Day Celebrations At Dads

As children, we loved going to our Nanna Judy’s around Christmas time. She used to do Christmas Tea and honestly, it was the most delicious thing and nobody will ever put a spread on like her, however, this year my dad and step mum are hosting, also these are brilliant hosts and I sure know that they won’t disappoint with the food that they’re bound to throw on the table and is something I am actually really looking forward to this year.





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