Ferrets! Meet Jack and Ripper

Ferrets! Meet Jack and Ripper

Anyone who knows me will know my massive love of animals and this year I’ve lost 5 pets and it only made sense to me to fill that void with 2 more, obviously. Anyone who knows me will know my massive animal lover and I have a bucket list of animals I want to own in my lifetime and pet’s I’ll probably avoid in the future, Rats and Hamsters will definitely be avoided because they just don’t last long enough.

Ferrets! Meet Jack and Ripper

This time, however, I made the plunge and £25 later I have two beautiful little, very friendly 10-week old ferrets!! The excitement is unreal. I’ve wanted a ferret since my brother got one almost 7 years ago now, so now space has come available in the house, I snapped up 2 beautiful babies.

When we first brought Jack and Ripper home their Rippers personality didn’t change at all, but Jack’s did. I thought Jack would end up being the shyest of the two ferrets but having them settle in, Jack is just as forward and crazy as ripper.

I knew having a ferret was going to speed things around the house up by a considerable amount because my mum has one at her house called Taz. I always had a massive love for Taz and loved playing with him and I was just waiting for the right ferret to come along for me to purchase and it just happened that the right two ended up.

They’ve been with us now for just under a week and honestly, it’s been such great fun. They’re such mischievous little characters and also the most loving too and I look forward to my little ferret play sessions every day!!


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