10 Favourite Facts About Dogs

10 Favourite Facts About Dogs

Having grown up with dogs for the entirety of my life, I thought I was pretty clued up our four legged woofies but after scouring the internet I found some facts that I didn’t know about dogs that I just have to share with you guys.

These are all fact’s that I found a while ago now, I have a little notebook that I am currently filling with facts. I like to take a bit of time out from my day if it’s been particularly hectic and pen down some facts about something specific on that day. 

10 Of My Favourite Facts About Dogs

Dogs can see in the dark. They have a mirror like membrane in their eyes.

undeniably true. Noah and Alfie are 100% night ninja’s and their favourite time to wake up is during the night to go for their 3am patrol around the garden.

Dogs adjust the pitch of their howls to other dogs to appear unique.

Noah and Alfie have this one song that both of them howl to and I’m not sure why. Alfie’s howl is quite high pitched so Noah makes his even higher and ends up sounding like a proper ‘big baby’. 

Dogs don’t like rain because the amplified sound hurts their ears.

I actually thought this one was quite sad, what poor little poppets. Noah and Alfie tend to sleep a lot when it’s raining and they certainly don’t like to go outside to use the toilet.

Dogs take their treats to a different room to you because they see you as alpha of the pack and don’t want you to steal their food.

No offence, boys, but I really am not interested in your bone marrow you’re chewing on so eat it where you like. I wont steal it. 

Dogs can smell your feelings.

Absolutely believe this. Everytime my mood changes the dogs know instantly, Noah tends to move to a different room where as Alfie stares at me when he can feel me getting sad or angry.

Dogs get jealous.

Yep. Of each other and other pets.

72% of dogs can sense a storm coming.

This is something my mum told me when I was a kid and I found it fascinating then and still do now, my clever little psychic dogs.

45% of dogs share beds with their owners and hog blankets.

Yes, Stewart and I are in that 45%

Dogs kick backwards after going to the toilet to further mark their territory.

Alfie tends to do this more than Noah, infact I don’t think i’ve ever seen Noah do it but Alfie most definitely.

Dogs sense time.

One I didn’t know, I now feel bad every time I leave the house for longer than 3 hours. Luckily though, they have each other, the cats and the rabbits.

So there you go, you asked for it and I delivered, my 10 favourite facts about dogs. I loved dogs a massive amount before hand but now I just love them all the more. What beautiful little creatures they are. There are so many facts out there on the internet about dogs. What’s your favourite pup fact(s)? Tell me in the comments.

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