Family Orientated Week

positivity is sometimes so hard to keep up, but this week, despite recovering from and illness and ripping off my fingernail I’ve had a really lovely week, very family orientated.

It started off quite chilled, Monday I actually cleaned a lot because the whole of last week I had no energy to do anything and when you have a house full of animals, you really need to clean everyday. My brother had his second driving test on Tuesday and passed with flying colours. I’ve already been driving around and about with him and he’s such a good, confident little cruiser.

family orientated

There’s been a lot of family time in this week, I’ve seen more people this week than I ever see. Dad, stepmum, both nanna’s, all my brothers and sisters, mum, my brothers new girlfriend, honestly – so-many-people. When you’re not a people person it can be quite hard to actually enjoy spending time with people but this week has actually been really lovely communicating with people and even though I’ve been hideously shattered still and I think that’s due to the remnants of last weeks cold, I’ve had a blast.

The highlight though was definitely video calling my dad to see his new sofa with my nan who seemed absolutely blown away by how cool the concept of video calling was and is now wanting a new phone so she can join in with the trend.

On Friday we were invited to Stewarts mums house to celebrate Becky, his sisters 26th birthday. We had the best curry we’d had in a long time and of course, we had cake and beer. It was extremely chilled and lovely evening. We had to leave earlier than we planned to though as Storm Callum hit us and was giving off some pretty heavy winds and we had a fair bit to drive, on some very open and windy roads to get home.

this evening we’re attending Stewart’s cousins 16th Birthday party and I’m really excited to get to know some more of his family members. Next week is looking really chill and i’m actually really looking forwards to that because of how busy this week has been.

I hope you guys have had a brilliant week, let me know what you’ve been up to and what you have planned for the up and coming week.


Click here to see my week in documentary photography taken on my Hauwei P20 Pro





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