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Exploring an Abandoned Church In Lincolnshire – Photography Post!

Sometimes I forget how beautiful 50mm images look and it wasn’t until I saw these Images that I truly rekindled my love with this beautiful lens. I edited these images on the Adobe Lightroom mobile app.

Abandoned Church In Lincolnshire

I find graveyards really peaceful places to be and I love walking around and weirdly feeling close to so many people. It fills me with so many questions about the people beneath the graves, who were they? What did they do?

We went to the church to do a fun little ghost hunt, the church was closed due to a fire and thought that this place would be creepy, but actually, it was quite the opposite. It was so serene, even with the pending storm clouds lurking.


abandoned church in lincolnshireabandoned church in lincolnshireNicola in the photograph of all three of us together looked so pleased with herself as she thought she had ruined the photograph but she didn’t. Nicola was in charge of the infrared camera and I think she really enjoyed it. We didn’t pick anything up on camera though. Stewart was vlogging the event, not that there was much to vlog about but if he posts it I’ll be sure to post the link here.

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