Electric Blue Hair and A Dull Week.

Electric Blue Hair and A Dull Week.

Here I am with another update with everything that i’ve been up to over the week including my electric blue hair. This week, as per usual has been incredibly dull and writing these weekly update posts just reminds me why nobody would watch my vlogs if I were to start videoing my day-to-day life.

Everything is Still a little bit raw with a flemish giant size hole in our life and it’s taking some adjustment that’s for sure but the other animals are keeping us going. Most definitely one of the perks of having so many furbies around the place.

This week, unfortunately, Stewart and I weren’t able to go venture somewhere and have our weekly photo shoot fix, but Nicola had come to stay with me over the weekend, she required my assistance with some of her Artwork for school, which also resulted in me being able to get a small photo fix, my images will be uploaded to my photography blog if you’re interested in checking them out.


Electric Blue Hair!?

I’ve also had a serious appearance change. I swore I’d never dye my hair blue again, but I have, and it’s the boldest and brightest blue and honestly, I frigging love it. It’s been about time that I finally get back to my quirky roots.

I’m not going to lie, Electric blue hair wasn’t something that was initially on my radar, I wanted something much more pastel like. I achieved this colour completely by accident and I’m really not disappointed about it. I’ve also gained a nice little amount of self-esteem back too.

Electric Blue Hair

Again, sorry that this post has been a little bit hopeless but when you have nothing to blog about, you gotta work with what ya got, so until next time,


Photographs From The Week;

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