Dodgy Dealer Breeder in Ashover, Derbyshire.

It was the beginning of march when we found the advert for Brady and decided to put a deposit down instantly to ensure that we got to have him. The Owner of Ashover Poultry and Small Furries appeared to be super friendly and even offered to send us pictures and updates on our rabbit. For 6 weeks our deposit held down our little guy, that we’d spoiled before he’d even arrived. All bunnies were fit and healthy for all those 6 weeks and she continued to tell us that they were doing well. 

We liked her facebook page and was able to stay up to date with how much Brady was growing and the more I did this the more I grew to love him. I was super excited to be able to finally get him home.  There was a couple of weeks to go before the rabbits turned 8 weeks and The Seller had messaged us saying that some of the rabbits were leaving early on the Sunday prior to their Wednesday leave date. Putting our trust in her, we also arranged to go pick up Brady on that Sunday.

After that conversation withthe breeder, I did some research and it came to my attention that Continental bunnies shouldn’t leave their mum until they’re at-least 12 weeks old. As Ashover Poultry and Small Furries is supposed to be a reputable business I thought not much of it and that she must know what she is doing.

The Sunday Prior to picking up Brady, th owner of Ashover Poultry and Small Furries sent me a photograph of him. I literally couldn’t wait to get him home by this point, we’d already waited 5 weeks after-all. Friday 5th April we received a Facebook message from Ashover Poultry and Small Furries that said one of the bunnies were ill and that she would be holding on to them for longer and that she’d give us a refund of our deposit. 

At this point to say we were confused as well as worried would be  an understatement. The owner at Ashover Poultry and Small furries told us that Brady was fine, so obviously we asked if we could still have him and she said yes, of course however we’d have to wait up to a month until we had him home, which was fine because nobody wants to be sold a poorly bunny. 

What enhanced our worries even more was that Saturday morning we received a re-fund for Brady. We asked her why and she said she was uncomfortable with keeping hold of peoples money, even though she’s already had our money in her hands for the previous 6 weeks. 

We requested a bit more clarification on the matter and really wanted to get down to the bottom of why she gave us our deposit back and we got nothing from her. She read our messages and completely ghosted us. I wrote a question/statement on the Ashover Poultry and Small Furries wall but it was later removed and I was given limited access to the page and only had the option to ”call” and my comment had gone. 

After all of this, we ultimately had to come to the devastating conclusion that the rabbit that we had become attached to was no longer coming home and we think that she may have sold him on the Friday potentially to a customer picking up another bunny, which would be so terrible on her behalf for so many reasons; 

1 – 8 weeks is too early for a bunny to leave their mum let alone nearly 1-2 weeks earlier than that! 

2 – We deposited for that bunny, she took that deposit 6 weeks ago and allowed us to get emotionally attached throughout them 6 weeks and then lied about them being ill in attempt to make us not want her custom which is why instead of offering us our deposit back she gave us it back anyway.

3 – She ignores us completely and doesn’t even try to hide that – EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

4 – Does she really have the ”bunnies best interest” at heart if she’s willing to let them go to someone else for more money even though a loving family deposited for him 6 weeks ago?

More irritating is that there is nowhere to report this kind of problem. It’s cruel to let someone gain a bond with something and then take it away without a thorough explanation

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