DIY and Lincoln Christmas Market

DIY and Lincoln Christmas Market

Hello again and welcome back! How are you doing? It’s been a very busy week here at number 20. In last week’s weekly post I mentioned that we had DIY to be done and that we were going to visit the Christmas market and we actually did just that.

We did do a little bit more Christmas shopping too meaning we only have 3 more people to buy for which has been a massive weight lifted of our shoulders but Tuesday and Wednesday were spent laying 2 vinyl flooring’s in our kitchen and manoeuvring things about so that everything is how we want it when baby makes her appearance. Surprisingly during this time of laying the floor, Stewart and I bickered very little, we usually bicker a lot when it comes to DIY but being pregnant means that people listen to you more so i’ve noticed.

Once all the DIY was done we decided on Thursday to take a trip to the Christmas market that was opening at 12pm. Mainly to grab some photographs and have a look around whilst it wasn’t so busy (because originally we planned to go with my mum on the Saturday). If you’re familiar with the Lincoln Market then you will know just how busy and impossible it gets to walk around.  If you’d like to see my pictures from Lincoln Christmas Market 2019 click the link below that will take you to the online photo album dedicated to it. 

Lincoln Christmas Market Photo Album 2019

We’d also planned to visit the Christmas market on the Saturday, probably one of the busiest nights possible with my family, we’d had to get my mum a wheelchair which a friend kindly let us borrow so that we could get around the market without mum being in too much pain and having to cut our visit short. We ended up having to cut the visit short anyway because of how busy it was and the most confusing part is that whenever you stopped, to get your barings or went to make your way to a stall you were told to keep moving forward by the people monitoring and guiding the traffic of people and it just became impossible to look around properly, but never the less the sights and smells were glorious and kind of worth it. 

Stewart’s last day off was Sunday and we spent the majority of that mainly just chilling. I’d had a very active week and a chill day was needed for the both of us.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this weeks weekly goings on. What did you get up to this week and how is your Christmas shopping coming along?

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