Messingham Zoo // 15-07-18

Messingham Zoo // 15-07-18

Keep reading to find out one of the best days out in Lincolnshire this summer!


days out in lincolnshire this summer

This week has mostly been all about DIY. I’ve completely destroyed the house this week and I mean that in a good way. I revarnished the living room floor, it was a long time coming but I wasn’t going to do it last week due to having guests over for last week’s summer fiesta! Not only have I done that but I also took two windows out by myself and took a side out of the kitchen.

The windows that I took out were separating the kitchen and the conservatory from one another, I thought not only does taking the windows out make the space more sociable it will also be absolutely lovely when it’s raining outside and I can hear that rain in the kitchen as well as the conservatory. We do have double doors that separate the two doors but due to the dog wars, they stay shut.

The kitchen side that I decided to move has gone into the conservatory and has made a really cute breakfast bar area, it also has the fish tank on to! SO whilst I have made the house perfect for listening to the rain, we’re not getting any rain.

days out in lincolnshire this summer

Messingham Zoo – Perfect for Days out in Lincolnshire this summer!

Messingham zoo is a new wildlife park in the Lincolnshire area. If you’re from around Lincolnshire, I’d highly recommend that you go and visit this place, not only are the prices great but the people that work there are the absolute loveliest and not only that you’re allowed to touch practically all of the animals. The absolute highlight of my day was holding a baby continental giant bunny. OH MY GOD. I could have actually cried. They were so flaming cute I could barely contain myself. I did take my camera with me however, I was too engrossed in what was going on around me to care about anything else. Even taking photographs.

 How bloody cute is this baby rabbit?! YES, THAT IS A BABY!!!! 10 WEEKS OLD!


We’ve never really had a bird in the family, so the day my mum brought one home was pretty ace. I was so giddy and excited to go meet it. It took me 2 days before I gave in and had to go meet the little cutie. Her name is Saffy. She is 12 weeks old I think my mum said and honestly, is the most friendly little bird in the world and took quite a shine to my hair, especially pulling the grips out of my hair.


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