Create The Life You Love.

Create The Life You Love.

It’s no lie that you can’t chose the cards you’re given and whilst that’s true, what you do with those cards is entirely in your control, meaning you can create the life you love. Whether you believe me or not, it’s true. 

for the past year i’ve been working hard to create for myself a life that i love and honestly, i’m still working at it now. Ultimately i’m not getting there as quick as i’d like but i’m getting there never the less and the most important key thing is tonot give up, no matter how much easier that might seem.

Create The Life You Love

Change the parts you don't like.

Hate the place you live? Plan on moving. It’s not easy to get up and move, gosh I know that from experience but set a goal to move to your forever home. Start saving for deposits, then you can look at that deposit every now and then and see your one step closer to being where you want to be. 

Do the job you love.

Don’t settle for the day job. Whilst that might be your only option, start planning or working on your dream. For me my dream is to be a freelance photographer / artist and make a living from my blog and photography online store. Unfortunatly, making a website and uploading content isn’t how it works and it actually requires time and effort to get to where you want to be but ultimately I started my dream job, I’m just not making enough from it to be able to class it as a legitimate ”job” yet. Luckily i’m blessed with a partner who doesn’t mind working his 9-5 whilst I sit at home looking after our furbs and working on my blogs, before hand I am pretty sure he did but having been working on them for a good 4/5 years now he knows just how much they mean to me and that that is in fact what I want to do with my life and if the option was possible I would totally do it for him to! 

I do want to add in as well, that it’s going to be harder for me as a blogger to make the money other bloggers make because I don’t want to feature sponsored content on my blog and there’s many reasons for that but if you’re interested let me know and I’ll write a post on it. 

Get rid of negative people or at least tell them to shut up! 

We all can be a bit negative sometimes and that’s perfectly ok, what’s not ok is those people who are constantly negative all-the-time. You know the ones, both family and friends. Either shut them out of your life completely and if you don’t want to do that or for some reason you may see it as an impossible action to do, simply tell them to shut up and take their negativity elsewhere, nicely obviously.. If you want. 

Figure out what you want from social media.

The reason I’ve put this point in is because social media is A MASSIVE part of our lives today. For me it’s a traffic booster to my blogs and honestly I love surrounding myself with creatives online. I often see tweets off of people regarding the toxity of social media and honestly,  honey you’re clearly following the completely wrong people if you find yourself having to come off social media for a break of the mind. I always come off my social media feeling inspired and that’s all due to the people I follow and engadge with online.  Do you wanna compare yourself to all the hot models on there constantly? No? Unfollow them. If social media is making you feel shit that’s ultimately because you’re following the wrong things. Seriously, think about that for a second.

Participate in things you love.

This is actually one of the most important factors of creating a life you love. Whether it be dancing around like an idiot to the most cheesiest songs possible or just reading a book, painting or taking a walk. Doing sometime at least twice a week to ensure that you’re most definetly taking time out for yourself.

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