Crafts To Do At Home This Easter

Crafts To Do At Home This Easter

Easter is fast approaching and the UK is currently on lockdown meaning we can’t do much at the weekend because we have to stay at home. I was laid in bed this morning thinking of all the cool things I would love to do with Minnie when she gets a bit older. Children aren’t going to fully understand what’s going on in the world right now and I think we should keep what they know to a minimal, they don’t need that kind of anxiety at such a young age as it could go on to impact them later on in life; so here are a few ideas of some things you can do either on your own, with your children or even with your other half as a way of filling easter weekend with bucket loads of eggciting things all easter related.


Bleed Eggs & Create Little Egg People / Paint Them In Any Way You Like

To bleed an egg you use a pin or needle and poke a hole in the top of the egg and a slightly bigger hole in the bottom and blow through the smaller hole to push out the inner contents of the egg. Once you have an empty shell you can use the inside of the egg to make a wicked scrambled egg brunch and then paint the shell however you fancy. Whether that be making them into little egg people, you know your very own Humpty dumpty or painting them in all kinds of wonderful, abstract ways.

Crafts At Home Easter

House & Garden Easter Egg Hunt

Whether you’ve managed to get to the shops and grab some easter eggs or not, this can still happen. You can either hide your chocolate eggs or the ones you just painted this morning, OR you could paint some rocks and hide them around the garden to hunt out, you could even post a little trivia question or riddle with the egg to get their brains ticking.

Make Your Own Easter Chocolates

Melt up your favourite chocolate or chocolates mix them together, add in some of your most favourite ingredients and experiment making some delicious new candies. I’d go for Galaxy, mixed with milky bar and add in a nut of some sort, I haven’t gone as far as to work out which nut I’d add in yet if you do this though, I’d love to see what you create. You can show me on Instagram (

Crafts At Home Easter

Guess That Drawing Easter Edition

Get a list of everything easter related; Eggs, baby animals like, lambs, chicks, bunnies etc. Flowers, sweeties. Anything that means easter to you, concoct a list and get everyone to take a word and take turns drawing it for other people to guess.


These are only to name a few, if you wanna browse some more I have made a Pinterest board with pins that I think would be perfect for you to do this easter. Please let me know if you do any, I’d love to see.



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