Coronavirus; Self Isolation Blog Day Two

The Week of 23rd of March 2020 the UK people were told to self-isolate for 3 weeks at minimum. Those most at risk of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19 and would receive a letter on Tuesday 24th and be told to stay within their homes for 12 weeks and not to go out for leisure, shopping and avoid face to face contact at all times. As an Asthmatic and mum to a 2-month-old baby, I am taking the advice from the government extremely seriously keeping myself and my baby safe from catching Covid-19. As there are many people in the same situation as me and we’re all looking for things to keep ourselves occupied in these extremely troubling times, I’ve decided to create a space for me to share my Self Isolation experience with you and you can share yours with me too in the comments if you wish. We are all in this together.

Coronavirus; Self Isolation Day Two

Hi! Day 2 of isolation is now complete, only another 2 weeks and 4 days to go providing the lockdown gets lifted. I’ve seen a lot of people in high spirits today online which is brilliant and that’s ultimately what we need right now because we’re all in the same boat. In the bigger picture, we have tons we can get up to it’s just a matter of putting our mind to it.

The sunshine was absolutely blaring again today, not a cloud in the sky and it was super warm too so we spent a bit of time in the garden, I decided to take some photographs and we exposed Minnie to a bit of natural sunshine. We even dragged Myra, our giant rabbit into the garden to and let me tell you now she had an absolute ball out there in that garden, I’ve honestly never seen her run so fast. Stewart kept an eye on the babe whilst doing the courses that work sent home for him and I kept my eye on Myra, played a bit of fetch with the boys and took a couple of photographs.


We also ventured out in the car to help get Min to settle a little bit because she was very sleepy and restless, it was a lovely drive around town, very empty and there was a lot of police seemingly patrolling the streets and it shocked me to still, STILL see groups bigger than two persons out in the street and shockingly, it all seemed to be male groups too. Is it really that hard to stay away from your friends? – The police van approached one group and actually told them to go home. It was so surreal to see the streets so eerily quiet on such a sunny day.


Anywho, today wasn’t that bad. As much as my garden isn’t pretty and well tamed, I’m super thankful for it in times like we are in now. I feel like I’ve really not done much today but then at the same time I’ve not really had time to myself to get this post written til now and that’s how I’d like to keep it for the next couple of weeks, thank you.

How did you spend your day today?


Stay positive, hopeful and inside whenever possible. Take a walk, run, or cycle in no bigger groups of 2 from your household when staying in bears too much and keep a social distance of 2 meters.


If you’re doing a self-isolation journal or blog online somewhere let me know and I will link it at the bottom of each post;

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