Coronavirus; Self Isolation Blog Day Thirteen & Fourteen

Coronavirus; Self Isolation Blog Day Thirteen & Fourteen

Hi! Well, yesterday, Sunday, started a little different to what I expected, we actually woke up to a house fire over the road and a big one at that. It made me count my blessings even more than I already am at the moment, that poor family now has nothing in this already traumatic time. I’m wanting to be super motivated today but I just cannot find that source of energy to get me actually hyped up to do anything. I want to paint, but I don’t actually have enough paints to paint with. I want to photograph things but don’t have anything to photograph. I want to change something in the house but don’t have anything in the house to change. I’m just desperate to do something that doesn’t involve sitting on the sofa doing absolutely nothing and all the things that need doing require tools we don’t have and probably can’t be able to get what we need anywhere.

The rest of yesterday we spent doing everything we could trying to kill time. We played on the house party app with my sister, Lucy then facetimed Stewart’s mum and managed to get her on house party to play then too!


Monday (Today if you’re reading today!) I decided to get Minnie dressed up, make an effort myself and have an impromptu photoshoot in the garden as the weather was glorious again, but quite problematic too from a photographers perspective. The sunshine was giving some super harsh shadows and the garden wasn’t shaded greatly which meant, for the shoot to not be a total flop I needed to sit in some bushes with my little babe.

We managed to get quite a few nice photographs though I’ll add some of my favourites in now;



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