Coronavirus; Self Isolation Blog Day Three

The Week of 23rd of March 2020 the UK people were told to self-isolate for 3 weeks at minimum. Those most at risk of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19 and would receive a letter on Tuesday 24th and be told to stay within their homes for 12 weeks and not to go out for leisure, shopping and avoid face to face contact at all times. As an Asthmatic and mum to a 2-month-old baby, I am taking the advice from the government extremely seriously keeping myself and my baby safe from catching Covid-19. As there are many people in the same situation as me and we’re all looking for things to keep ourselves occupied in these extremely troubling times, I’ve decided to create a space for me to share my Self Isolation experience with you and you can share yours with me too in the comments if you wish. We are all in this together.

Coronavirus; Self Isolation Day Three

Another beautiful day stuck confined to your home/street. It’s a bittersweet feeling all this lockdown stuff, I don’t like that were limited to where we can go but then I like that we’re forced to make the best of what we have and coming out of it, hopefully, we have a lot more appreciation for the things and people around us that we take for granted every single day.

Today has been another chilled day. I’m now getting to the point where I want to start getting things done, however Stewart is avoiding it at all costs. I’d have liked to have gone in the garden today and cut the grass and started getting rid of some of the rubbish we have flying about the place so it’s ready for us to play in in the summer with Minnie but Stewart started another job, got half way through that and distracted himself with his old home videos and we got to laugh at how much of a strange child he was and how super adorable his sister Becky’s fashion sense was too! After watching the videos we went for a very short walk up the street with Minnie in her big pram and the doggies. It’s strange how at the moment we’re made to feel (even though it’s reasonably ok to go out in the street providing you follow the rules) like you’re doing something wrong stepping out of your front door, and back door if you’re me, let me explain.

Yesterday I put a few short videos all over my TikTok’s. I have an account for my animals, an account for me and my blog and an account for my photography. On my account I made for me and my blog I put a video on of me planning around MY GARDEN with Myra hopping about and the dogs looking at me to throw their ball and someone commented “stay inside it’s all that’s asked!!!!” I wanted to reply with a lot of obscenities but chose to delete the comment instead because that person was clearly uneducated in what we are actually allowed to do.

At least, only being in 3 days of the 3 weeks I have Stewart at home the garden can wait till another day. I don’t want to do everything in one go meaning we have nothing to do because then we’re just asking for trouble.

What have you got up to today?

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