Coronavirus; Be Careful Where You Get Information on Covid-19

Coronavirus is dominating the world right now causing mass anxiety, fear and panic in people everywhere. I’ll be the first to admit that when I first heard of the disease, I played it down a lot. I didn’t think it was as bad as it was and compared it to other viruses’. Within a few days, I was reading articles after articles and had got myself into mass hysteria over the illness and found myself having anxiety attacks regularly. I then noticed that a lot of the articles I was reading was giving false information, The Sun newspaper, in particular, was the main culprit of scaremongering with its clickbait, false claim article titles.

I found that by tuning in every evening and watching our prime minister give his updates that my anxiety was radically reduced because I had the facts and websites like the NHS and Asthma website helped me get the facts and advice that I needed. I also followed the statistics myself via the Worldometer website. Whilst my anxiety is still high following all these, it is not as high as it was following sites that just gave off false information regarding the virus; some even going as far as to say your dogs can contract the virus (it was in fact a scam article) when they cannot, articles like this are really playing on the most terrified people right now and is in fact scaremongering in its true form.

The state not only our country is in, but the whole world is in also is no joke and it is imperative that you’re reading the right articles if you’re going to read up on this atrocious disease. I’ve linked websites like the NHS, Asthma and Worldometer above but you can also get a lot of handy information from The World Health Organisation site too. Primarily these are the only sites you really need at this moment of time when it comes to reading up on Coronavirus.

Do not take everything you read online as gospel, there are SO many articles out there created just for the clicks, take everything you read, if not a well known reliable source with a pinch of salt.

Stay at home. Stay sage and have hope.

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