Continental Giants First Week At Home

Continental Giants First Week At Home

Hello and welcome back to my blog. This week has not only blessed us with some glorious weather it has also been myra the continental giants first week at home! Whilst i’ve been unusually tired for most of the week, i’ve been happy alongside it, I blame Myra’s arrival for this entirely.

Monday 8th April

Ah, the first morning with Myra as part of the gang. I woke up to Stewart plonking her on my head as I slept just before he left for work. It was a nice gesture, until she peed on my pillow. I felt great on Monday, I think I may have still been on a bit of a Myra rush. I did my daily routine of getting ready and the housework. I’m not going to lie, sometimes the housework is a completely drag however, when the sun is shining it really doesn’t seem that much of a chore and I actually really enjoy it. Starting the week with a good old clean is something i’d definitely suggest for a productive week.

Tuesday 9th April

Tuesday, My mum, nan and brother came down to see me and meet Myra, Andrew and his girlfriend met us too and we took Myra to experience her first family outing to Costa. It’s really important that we get her used to her harness, traveling in cars and her pram now, whilst she’s still young to avoid getting a kick in the jaw from a giant rabbit. Last week Benji kicked me in the jaw and let me tell you now, my head is still ringing. It was a really nice day in all and was able to cut my week up a little

Wednesday 10th April

I love thoroughly cleaning on a Wednesday too. Stewart’s off work on Thursdays and Fridays and they’re usually his days to do the mass bulk of cleaning in the morning however, if i didn’t do my thorough clean on a Wednesday I’m pretty sure he’d have a mental breakdown. My brother, Andrew then paid me a visit and we did some car DIY.

Thursday 11th April

Wednesday night I was seriously getting disheartened with the lack of instagram content that I had so we made it out mission Thursday to go and get some Instagrams. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get  much instagrams and ended up browsing in loads of antique shops instead.

Friday 12th April

Friday we took Myra to Gainsborough. Went for the essential Costa and then went back to my mums. We were home relatively early due to having the rabbit with us and then I spent the rest of the day chilling and enjoying some peace and quiet.

Saturday 13th April

Friday night I appeared to have had a huge breakout in spots on my face and chest so Saturday morning was solely dedicated to a self pamper session. I took a bubble bath, washed my hair and enjoyed a face mask and it made me feel a little less self hatred. 

My pamper morning didn’t make me feel any better, in-fact, i spent the rest of the day moping on the sofa or in bed. I just simply didn’t have the energy to do anything.

Sunday 14th April

Sunday – The most boring day of the week for me. Which is odd considering it’s the same as every other day of the week. Sundays i’m home alone for the shortest amount of time but for some reason they just tend to drag a lot more than any of the other days in the week.

I’ve just started experimenting with a new style of edit with my photography as well so if you’re interested in anything photography related head over to my photography blog to see some really cool edits. (if i do say so myself!)

Photographs From The Week

continental giant
continental giant
continental giant
continental giant
Continental giant
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