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Christmas Day X 3


This week has obviously been jam packed with things to talk about for you lovely readers as it’s been the home to Christmas day and I don’t just have one of those, I have THREE! Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day. 

Christmas eve is dedicated to Stewarts side of the family, it’s been a tradition for about 7-8 years now to go to see the baby seals at Donna Nook and then spend the afternoon innocently gambling our change away at the Skegness arcades and having a milkshake. It’s funny because we have set machines in the arcades that we play on and every year we seem to end up with way more tokens than the year before which Bec and I enjoy picking presents with at the end of the day before our trip back home to have our special Christmas eve dinner (Which is to DIE for!) 

We have picnic food so; cold meats, cheeses and much more and we can eat as much as our hearts desires and then we exchange gifts. I wish I could eat that food again to be fair because just, yum.

Christmas day is the day we go to Gainsborough to see my mum and her side of the family. We open our presents with my younger siblings and then venture off to nanna’s usually for Christmas dinner. Which always gets the year before’s dinner knocked out the park somehow. This year though, due to not having much room in my stomach thanks to the chunk i’m currently growing, I didn’t have you’re standard Christmas dinner and instead plated my plate with just Yorkshire puddings, potato (boiled and roasted), beef, ham and pigs in blankets, covered in nan’s signature gravy and mint sauce. Christ almighty, thats what dreams are made of let me tell you.

We also play tons of games, whilst waiting for dinner to be ready, this year we played Jenga, Guess who (Which my little brother Eli (5) is weirdly good at!) and the annual quiz with some quiz cards someone got for Christmas.

Then Stewart and I venture home in our food coma’s and snuggle our pets.

Boxing day is the day I see my dad! We again open presents and my step mum puts on another heaven worthy display of food. We drink (obviously not me this year but next fo sho!) and we chat crap, play games. It’s always really nice to see my stepbrother too, we don’t see a lot of him now he lives down in Maidstone for college but it’s such a good time getting everyone together.

We always play jokes on one another too, which always amuses me greatly. This year it was about my brother looking like Freddie Mercury, everyone kept putting Queen references into sentences around him, and the funniest part is that my brother joined in and it was just good fun. Dad also, last year started this thing where we all got a badge with something written on it taking the mic out of us somehow, due to something that’s usually happened throughout the year. 

Christmas for me, as of the 28th is over for me. I like to hit the shops on the 28th which is what we did this year after taking our decorations down in the morning, then we went into town this year and I treated myself to a new quilt, and bedding sets as well as a hospital bag and nighty for the hospital, the rest of the week was dedicated to cleaning and getting ready for the new year. 

See you in the new year folks! 

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