Cadbury World & A Megastorm

cadbury world megastorm

Hey & Welcome back lovelies. It really shocks me at how fast this post’s come around, it really only seems like yesterday that I wrote last weeks post (catch up with that post here).  Let’s get straight into the good stuff, shall we?

Cadbury World  & A Megastorm 


Monday we took a trip to Cadbury World. Somewhere I’ve wanted to visit since I can remember, who doesn’t want to visit a chocolate factory especially when you’ve grown up with Willy Wonka and all the renditions of the movie, you have to go and see if the chocolate factory is what it lives up to. Disappointingly Cadbury world is nothing like Willy Wonka’s amazing chocolate factory however there are a few minor similarities like the ”trippy boat ride” (not quite as trippy but trippy enough to wonder if you’re on drugs – I mean you kind of have to be a group of 4 adults on a ride clearly only designed for children right?) and the fact you get to eat free chocolate. It might not be as magical chocolate as in the books and movies but it’s still pretty delicious to throw in your mouth.

It was interesting to learn some of the history around the chocolate and the best part was buying my Cadbury World hoodie, Lanyard and tote bag.  It was a great day all in all, traveling took up a large part of the day but even the travel was great fun, we rode home with the roof off and had the wind batter our faces.



Tuesday was taken up by laying in bed ALL day. and I mean ALL day. The heat was intolerable, 31 Degree’s and god my body was suffering. As someone who’s skin is irritated by my own sweat I got a massive rash and was damn right miserably uncomfortable for the majority of the day but the excitement soon came fast when Stewart and I took a trip to Tesco and spotted the storm clouds rolling in.

We don’t get a lot of storms here in the UK so when we do we all get excited like flies on fruit, The thunder started when we were in Tesco picking up some supplies for tea, there was only one rumble of thunder but it was loud, if I’m honest I thought that was the end of it and that we wouldn’t see anything else but how wrong I was. We left Tesco and I kid you not it stunk like a tropical fish tank outside and the storm clouds were not subsiding. We got home, had our dinner and there was lighting over in the distance and before we knew it we had the biggest storm Lincolnshire has had in a really long time. Like the most incredible electrical show and ear ringing rumbles of thunder. It was fab.



A day of housework. 10 degree’s cooler than the previous day so I took full advantage of that and deep cleaned the house. The animals had it in for me and tried killing me multiple times but don’t worry I’m ok and only came out with a bruised ankle.



Stewart’s day off, we had a few errands to run so we had to nip to the range to grab some pet supplies at the range. I saw the Halloween range and got stupidly giddy for the up and coming season, after that we went to the Crown and Arrows to get some lunch. Thursday’s are my favourite days to go here because it’s a free starter or dessert day on a Thursday and, you know me, I love a good deal.  After that, we visited the food warehouse to grab some supplies and took them home, grabbed the dogs and took the dogs out. They’ve been so patient waiting to go out, it’s been so warm I’ve not wanted to take them out. Due to it being a lot cooler, we took the boys to play at ‘granny’s house’ (Stewart’s Mum) and then after that, we took them for a mooch around Chambers Wood farm so they could have a run as Noah cried in the car until he ran out of energy.



I spent my Friday at my mums, doing nothing much in particular. Mainly just chilling with her birds and the sibs. We had a mooch around town prior to this because we were on a school uniform hunt for one of my little brothers who start secondary school, stopped for lunch which was way more expensive than it should have been (Cooplands cafe in Gainsborough).



Saturday was spent mostly feeling sorry for myself, I spent the majority of the day laid in bed nursing my sore nose from Friday’s allergy session.



I woke up motivated but annoyed in the state of the house today. Everything just seems to be falling apart. I’ve used my credit card to get so much complete in the house and nothing actually seems to be getting any better. I’m in debt and basically have naff all to show for it and that’s the realist of it all and all I’m going to say on the matter.


What did you get up to last week??




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