Bonfire Night, Why Do YOU Celebrate it?

Bonfire Night, Why Do YOU Celebrate it?

The other evening me and my S.O were driving around the city, like we usually do to just get out the house for a bit and Bonfire night rose on the conversation cards and he mentioned that people celebrate it for 2 different reasons and this hadn’t really crossed my mind before because for me I just celebrate it for the sake of it. To me, Bonfire night has no more meaning to me than just throwing a load of sparkly bangers into the air and watching the prettiness unfold before my eyeballs.

Bonfire night is based around that one particular story of Guy Fawkes, the man who tried to blow up parliament back in 1605, which introduces us to our two possible reasons for the celebration of this particular day. Some people celebrate the 5th of November due to the attempt that Guy Fawkes made to blow up the houses of parliament and some celebrate the fact that he failed.

bonfire night guy fawkes

Image of Guy Fawks from The Independent.

Are you like me and just like an excuse to throw fireworks into the night sky or do you celebrate it for one of the reasons we host the event?

As a child I remember making a Guy out of old clothes and stuffing it with all kinds of rubbish and throwing it on the bonfire at a family firework display and honestly, now I think back that’s quite a weird thing to do considering I come from a family who would probably celebrate Bonfire Night for the attempt at blowing up parliament. So the fact we threw ‘the man’ who tried on the fire makes completely no sense to me now but then when I think back it was probably done as an act of extra fun and excitement for the kids at the event and not for the actual meaning it held.

Why and how do you celebrate Bonfire Night?



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