Birthday Celebrations & The Coca Cola Truck!

 Coca-Cola Truck, Marshals Yard, Gainsborough, 2017.

Good morning. 

It’s an absolutely stunning morning today, the sun is shining down on the world so hard today and it’s giving me all those much needed positive feels. I’m feeling super productive and I feel like today is going to be a good day.
Yesterday it was my little brother’s 10th birthday. (I cannot believe he is 10 already!) Tommy decided he would like to go and visit the Coca-Cola truck that was currently at Marshals Yard in Gainsborough, late night shopping was underway as well so Tom got to spend all his $$$ whilst enjoying the festivities.
Heaven forbid he take a nice photograph on his birthday.
Marshals Yard Christmas Decorations, 2017.
More disappointingly for me, the photographic opportunities for pretties around marshals yard were dier. For such a ‘massive’ event you’d have thought they would have gone a bit more ”out there”.
To be honest, the event as a whole turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. What was advertised as a fairground was 2 children’s rides and the queue to get a picture with your own phone was over an hour long. What essentially mattered the most though was that Thomas was having a good time and I think he was.
The atmosphere was nice, happy and festive however it was absolutely baltic and it wasn’t long until we all got fed up and decided it was time to go back to mum’s house for some birthday cake.
 Thomas enjoying ‘Happy Birthday’ being sang to him.
Tom blowing out his candles.
I hope you had a wonderful birthday Tommy, You’ll want to consider yourself a lucky lad that you avoided the ”gorky/ugly” stage of being a kid. By 10 years old you’re older siblings looked like absolute mongs, Obviously now though we’re all absolutely stunning.
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