Binge Eating Disorder – My Experience

Binge Eating Disorder – My Experience

 This time last year I was back down to a more “acceptable” weight of 9 stone. The first time I’d seen a size 8 in 7 years. I was happier with the way I looked but then the stress of education and relationship problems occurred and all of a sudden I found myself confiding in food. It was my only way to cope with the emotions and feelings I was feeling.

Binge Eating

Whether or not you want to accept it, binge eating is an eating disorder and should be taken just as seriously as other eating disorders like, anorexia and bulimia, however it’s not and it’s widely joked about which will not help people understand just how much of an issue binge eating really is.  #
The following quote of information is from NHS Inform linked below;

What causes binge eating?

It’s not clear what causes binge eating, but, like most eating disorders, it’s seen as a way of coping with feelings of unhappiness and low self-esteem.

Things that may increase your risk of developing problems with binge eating include:

  • low self-esteem and a lack of confidence
  • depression or anxiety
  • feelings of stress, anger, boredom or loneliness
  • dissatisfaction with your body and feeling under pressure to be thin
  • stressful or traumatic events in your past
  • a family history of eating disorders, which may be related to your genes
  • differences in your brain or the level of hormones produced by your brain compared to people who don’t binge eat

Binge eating can be an extremely hard to break out of habit but never the less it can be done with help and if you visit the NHS inform website it has a great list of things that can be done to help you over come your binge eating habit and if you think that you might be sufferer of this eating disorder than you can take action and control RIGHT NOW.

My Experience

As I said previously, Education and relationships have played a huge part in my eating habits. This time last year I was almost about to finish college and also, Stewart and I were in a really bad place within our relationship, but we didn’t tell anyone about that because why would we? 

Long story short, 

It took us months to get back to a place where we felt that we were going to be OK because honestly, I don’t think Stewart or I knew what direction we were going to end up going in. We’d got completely stuck in a rutt and it was a challenge in itself to get out of.  Whilst all this was happening, I wasn’t paying attention to anything else, let alone the food that I was consuming and the amount of it.

The college I was studying at also played a part, whilst they were great in terms of understanding the pressures at home and being accommodating to that, they also had a few questionable moments towards the very end that didn’t exactly make life easier.

binge eating disorder

A year on, I’m currently trying to break myself away from that unhealthy habit, which isn’t easy when you’ve relied on it for so long to keep you happy and sane. I saw myself putting on the weight, and so did others and comments would be made and that would make me go home and eat more to make myself feel better, it was a viscous food circle. I’m currently the biggest size i’ve ever been, a size 12. Some and most people would consider this a healthy weight and I would completely agree. I feel good in every way, until I look in the mirror or try to get dressed in the morning. The goal really is to try and not let comments about your weight get to you and just work on getting you back to you which i’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks already.

Now everything is back in its place and I am generally feeling happier and everything is much clearer. I have a home, I’m supported by not just Stewart but his family and my family when it comes to working from home on my blog and writing books. Whilst I’m not earning hundreds a month due with the content I post, my traffic and online presence is growing more and more everyday. Slow and steady and all that. Everyone’s support has helped with enabling me to get myself into a happier head space.

binge eating disorder

Over coming the binge.

So how exactly am I going to over come the binge? Well, I know what works for me and that is regular excersize and a diet of fruit for breakfast and lunch alongside a £500-£900 calorie dinner. I lost 2lb a week doing this last year and I will do it again.

I generally do not like talking to professionals about my problems and see counsellors because honestly, they’ve really never made me feel any better in the past and I’ve come to notice that by thrashing it out with myself, reading my psychology books and believing in myself helps me more than any professional can. 

I don’t exactly want to punish myself though, I’ve started by seriously cutting down my junk intake, which has been hard with it being around Easter and it only that but I’ve dropped to having no sugar in my coffees. I’m going to start bringing the fruit back into my diet this up and coming week now my body has adjusted to having sugarless coffee. 

Anything really is possible if you believe in yourself and you need to do whatever it is you need to do to be able to believe in yourself.

Any questions? Just ask.



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  • Keep healing. It gets better. I struggle with ednos. And I understand how hard it can be. Remember, recovery isn’t linear. There are ups and downs. But it is possible.

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