Best Of January; Getting Glasses & Baby Cuddles

Best Of January; Getting Glasses & Baby Cuddles
January has been a very long month. It’s weird that it’s actually no longer than the other months we encounter but for some reason, it really does feel as though it goes on forever and ever.
On reflection it’s not been great and it could be a lot worse, however, I feel like this month has been quite hard to deal with due to intense fatigue I’ve been experiencing alongside the news of my family dog having only 3 more months to live due to a form of blood cancer and my antidepressants have been increased.
On the positive side maybe now that my antidepressants have been increased I might be able to get on with some of those new years resolutions I set myself a month ago and the main problem for a while has been my eyesight and I’ve finally bit the bullet and got that sorted and now am a proud owner of spectacles so hopefully- goodbye migraines!
We traveled to the peak district this month to get some adventure and photographs in and got caught in a snowstorm, I will link the photography posts below. Next month should be really good as we are going away to Cumbria for a weekend and my darling star of a sister is house sitting and furbaby sitting for me whilst I and Stewart are gone.
I also got the pleasure of meeting, cuddling and photographing the cutest baby boy I have ever seen in my life and let me tell you, he smelt better than I ever imagined and was such a delight and absolute natural in front of the camera, clearly it’s in his blood his mamma, caitylis is also a complete natural in front of the camera.
I’ve had such a productive January in the sense of photography, 4 shoots in one month is more than I did last year as a whole!! Feb is going to be such a busy month I feel, and with it already being a few days shorter than other months, it’s just going to fly.






Peak district blog posts;


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