Before 30 Bucket List

Before 30 Bucket List

Tomorrow I turn the big 25! just 5 years off the big 3-0 and halfway to 50! Where is the time going? It honestly seems like only yesterday that it was my 13th birthday. I can’t believe that already I am 25 years old, It’s really time now that I start thinking about the future and building a life I am content with and not constantly wishing.


– Go on a family holiday to Cumbria – 

Family holiday’s to Cumbria are the only holidays that  I look back on and miss a huge amount. It’s been years since we all got away on holiday together it would be so lovely to be able to do this again in the next 5 years, preferably sooner.

– Get Married – 
Myself and Stewart Agreed on a 5 year engagement and the fact that already a year and a half has past is slightly daunting as we do not have anywhere near the funds to even start planning; We’re not at a point where we want to start planning yet either, we’re both extremely career driven at the moment and our main priorities are to get into a comfortable financial state before we even think about tieing the knot, so maybe it’s gonna be a 6 and a half year engagement instead..
– Go to Wales –
Snowdonia, I need to photograph it. Travelling to places to get amazing Landscapes is high up on the cards at the moment as it could possibly get.

– Move  –
Lincoln is not my home, nor has it ever really felt like home. I am completely and utterly miserable here and I find it very hard to look to and plan my future here in Lincolnshire. Maybe one day I’ll discuss with you all where home is but for now, it’s just for me to know.

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