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Baby Journals – 6 Months Old, Minnie-Jean

How is Minnie already half a year old? How has she spent the majority of her little life so far locked up in the house, hiding away from a global virus? She is not going to believe us when we tell her that the year she was born there was a worldwide pandemic but, let’s get on with the good stuff.

Minnie is 6 month’s old and coming on nicely. She’s even more independent now then she has been previously, I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten such a good and independent baby who’s basically done everything on her own, obviously alongside a little assistance in certain areas like sitting up and learning to chomp on delicious food.

6 months old baby

We started Min on pureed food early because she was absolutely ready to and a couple of weeks ago we decided to let her start to feed herself, a bit of baby-led weaning, I’m not going to lie, it’s been quite hard knowing what to give her to eat but Pinterest has been a great source of information for ideas on what foods to give your gummy 6-month-old to start feeding herself. She’s been eating watermelon, raspberries, banana, avocado and even jelly. So far she is enjoying everything we’re giving her, mostly the rusks and baby puffs though.

6 months old baby

Her sleeping routine is still effortless, I mentioned previously in a baby journal post that at the start of lockdown, literally, she started sleeping through the night, now at dead on half 10 she wants to be put in her bed and she will sleep until half 8-9 o clock. Meaning we’re all well rested for the day of play ahead. Minnie’s absolutely in love with playing in water, bath times are happy, splashy times with so much excitement and she even got to experience her first time in a paddling pool in which she adored as well.

6 months old baby

She has now started to knock blocks over and waits for you to start clapping when she has done stuff, she adores sitting up and playing with her toys independently. She’s also discovered that she can blow raspberries and project mass amount of spit by doing so, that’s, in fact, her favourite thing to do at the moment. I have a feeling that the 7-month update is going to be a long with if she carries on!

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