Baby Journals 4 Months Old – Minnie Jean

Baby Journals 4 Months Old – Minnie Jean

I cannot believe Minnie is 4 months old. I also cannot believe that I forgot to write a 3-month update but I blame the madness of lockdown for that. Everything just kind of went flying out the window, and I didn’t know what to do with myself around the time that update should have been posted so I guess this post should be pretty chatty.

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Minnie, 16 weeks old today –  but officially 4 months old on the 13th. How’s she getting on? Super well I’d say. I certainly don’t have any worries about how she’s progressing or anything like that, she’s a happy chappy with great determination to get up and start learning to do things. She’s proper giggling now, almost sitting up, always wants to be sitting up but can’t quite get the gist of it fully yet, she has set things that are sure to get her laughing and she absolutely adores chomping on things.

She’s sleeping super well now, going to bed at around 10-12 ish and sleeping right through till morning. Every morning we’re greeted by smiles and dozens of spit bubbles and gurgles, it’s so blooming cute. She’s not really lost any hair yet, it’s kind of got lighter from when she was really little, there’s still not a lot of it.

Her eyes aren’t changing much still so it’s looking like she might keep those blue eyes, after all, blonde hair blue-eyed little girl, without a doubt though I’m pretty sure her hair will eventually turn dark. One thing I’ve learned about Minnie in the last month is that she’s an adrenaline junky like her mum, definitely not like her dad.

She’s got such a character now, you can’t help but laugh at her, she’s getting much more independent as the weeks go on as well before it was cuddling to sleep and now she wriggles and moans if she’s not left to fall asleep on her own, which absolutely is not a bad thing.

I’ll try to stay on top of these updates now. Now I’m back on track with everything after a very blurry few weeks.

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