A Chilled Week At Home

Hello and welcome back. If you’re a UK reader can we just acknowledge how dreadfully dull the weather has been this week? A part of me has enjoyed it however I’ve not enjoyed being cold and curled up next to the radiator most evenings. You can tell there’s been a shift in the weather due to the animals behaviour as well, specifically the cats as they’re all inside and on the nearest knee. 

This week has been one of those weeks where you don’t do much at all, in fact my blog has been my main priority this last week, it’s had yet another revamp, a more scrapbook take on life and i’ve also been posting a lot more content. Something I hope to continue within the upcoming months. 

If you want to see the new sexy home page, you can click here.

Asides from all that, I got to see my little nephew again. It amazes me how fast that he’s growing. He still has that gorgeous new baby smell as well, or did until he filled his nappy and then smelt of hot butter and not in a good way. So, like any smart person would do I gave him back to daddy.

The Pets

This is the first week since starting my weekly updates that I’ve introduced a pet’s section. The pets are a large part of my everyday life with having 20 of them and I really want to share with you the funny happenings from the week. 

This week nanny took comfort to a whole new level and decided to steal my Easter basket as her bed. In this process she melted a few Easter eggs, probably doing and our podges  a favour. She didn’t move from this spot for about 3 days and then she desided to take residence on our laps instead, taking it in turns with Tod, Caspar, Noah and Alfie.

Myra, our continental giant rabbit has been settling in really well since she got here and we’ve been lucky enough to see her binkying and getting on with all the other rabbits.  It was a huge surprise when we saw her run in from the hallway with a toilet roll in her mouth. We read that continental giants were like dogs, but we didn’t realise just how much they were.

She’s up and down off the sofa, bringing in toilet rolls, ripping them to shreds and having mad half an hours. I’m not sure we really realised what we were getting ourselves into.

Photographs From The Week

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